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Poetry To Mommy
by D. Thompson

This poem was written after my 22nd birthday. I gave it to my mother for mother's day. Who knew it would wind up in her obituary. May her soul rest in peace. God Bless!

Time has passed and yet at last,
I'm over 21.

Things have changed, yet stayed the same,
I'm glad that we're not done.
I pray you'll stay here to bring the cheer,
And serve His Perfect Will.

No matter what; I'll give you up,
And always love you--Still.

To have grown this way without delay
Is to strive for His perfection.
To have known...(no doubt) to pray!

You were there for our connection.
Problems were solved, also caused,
But always there was affection.

When I was blue I always knew,
You'd be there for my protection.
I was blessed indeed, but struggling in need,
You never left me lonely.

Until the end of time you'll always be mom.
You and you only.
All this to say what a perfect way
God has brought us together.

Because of you it will stay this way
Always & forever...
Here and Here After,
Love Always & Forever.

Ms. Thompson is in the process of writing a book about overcoming a life-threatening disease at the age of 26 and her struggle to get back to the 91K she was earning prior to diagnosis. The book will focus on spirituality, low-to-no cost work-at-home business opportunities, coupled with the tools and resources she used to get back in the rat race and win. Thank God her cancer is in remission. Your support presents a creative opportunity for her to highly recommend your affiliate programs, products, and services to her readers, customers and/or subscribers. http://hardatwork2001.tripod.com

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