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What can I say?
By Bill Sullivan

[In everyday life , business or social life, we all have to deal with situations in which we may be the only one that feel a certain way.

When it involves another person if can be seemingly a hopeless cause. That's what this poem is about. It is called ," What can I say?"]

"What can I say?"

What could I say to her?
She certainly couldn't possibly feel the way I do,
Feelings that I fear may cause her to go far away.

The reflections of the sunlight in her hair are precious.
Her face is like an angel hanging in a lowering cloud.
What can I say to her?

Her lips are rich ,red and plumb like a strawberry.
Her nose and her eyes are a perfect complement.
What can I say to her?

Her beauty transcends even her understanding.
The grace of her movements completely enthralls me.
What can I say to her?

Her thoughts are as comely as pleasant valleys.
Her words are as comforting as flowing streams.
What can I say to her?

To behold her fills my mind with exploding life.
To hold her would be all I ever could desire.
What can I say to her?

How could I ever hope that she would look towards me,
So I will resign myself to always be a friend, otherwise,
What could I say to her?

Copyright 2003 Bill Sullivan

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