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A Great Day that Leads to a Fabulous Life
By Beth Tabak

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

Day by day life goes by. Step by step. Before you know it 20 years have slipped by. Are you setting up each day to live a life you can be excited about? You can be! Follow the steps below and live each day to the fullest.

Step 1- Self-Honor- This should be included in Step 2, but it is so critical it had to be the very first step. Each day make space to honor yourself by doing something for you that you love. It can be as simple as reading a book, prayer time, taking a hike, getting your hair done, exercising, playing baseball, horseback riding, painting, whatever your interest is.

Step 2- Do Whatever it Takes to Balance Your Schedule- Set up a time map with large blocks of time for your specific roles. Time Management from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern is a great resource. If there is not enough time for all you have to do, then it is time to simplify. Delegate, eliminate, create systems. This is your life and your choice how to spend it.

Step 3- Create a Morning Ritual that Will Make You Jump out of Bed in the Morning- Play your favorite music, listen to a book on tape on the way to work, spend 15 minutes journaling before any of the days events creep into your mind, spend time in prayer or meditation, go for a jog, drink a great tasting coffee, enjoy the silence before anyone else wakes up, watch the sun rise. What would start your day off great?

Step 4- Choose 7 Simply Sensational Habits To Do on a Daily Basis- These are little simple things you want to do, not what you think you should do, that will add value to your day. You may want to light your candles, take a bubble bath, add value to another person, get a sports update, play with your kids, cuddle with your spouse, follow your intuition at least once, do aromatherapy, tell someone you love them, etc. What 7 Simply Sensational Habits can you integrate into each day? Keep it simple.

Step 5- Begin Checking Off the Items on Your “What I Want To Do In My Life” List- While you may not be able to check these off on a daily basis, you can take a step daily towards making it become reality. Start making them happen instead of dreaming about them in the future. Let others know what you want and the opportunity may find its way to you even when you think it is out of reach.

Step 6- Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone & Do What You Don’t Want To Do First- There are those things that you have to do and don’t want to because you just don’t like it. Then there are those things you want to do, and fear is holding you back. Take care of these things first and the rest of your day is free from anxiety. The bonus is that if you take the risk to face your fear you will build momentum and be on a high the rest of the day just from having the courage to try!

Step 7- Take 5 Minutes Minimum to Close Your Eyes, Breathe, and Be Still & Silent- In this outrageously busy society we are so externally focused that we need to take time to listen to our hearts. You have all the answers. Take some time to look, listen, feel, and learn.

Step 8- Plan the Next Day the Night Before- Take 10 minutes to plan your day ahead. All goes smoother when you know where you are going.

Step 9- Get the Very Best Rest- Choose a bed and bed linens that are great to snuggle up into giving you the most comfortable sleep. Create a relaxing (& romantic if you choose) clutter- free atmosphere. Now that you love it...choose a bedtime that will give you the very best rest.

Step 10- Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun! Embrace each and every day as if it were your last.

If you are up for a challenge, choose one step at a time to work on over the next 10 weeks. As you begin to integrate them into your life report back and let me know if it made a difference for you...Starting Now! Please send your comments and tell me what you want to read. l would love to hear from you!

Copyright 2003, Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.

Beth Tabak is a Professional Life Coach and owner of Starting Now. Her focus is to help people worldwide eliminate self-limiting beliefs and develop a strong personal foundation, inner courage, self-honor, and confidence while creating a life they can be excited about now. To get involved in Amazing Woman Amazing World Day 2003 e-mail Beth or visit www.amazingwomansday.com.

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