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Are You Programmed?
By Jan Tincher

Are you programmed?


How can you tell what programming you have in your unconscious mind?

That's easy. Just look around your life and see what has manifested. If it's happening -- manifested -- you have a program in your mind that attracts it.

Now, don't go blaming yourself for what's happened, or not happened, in your life. The same goes if you're ashamed of what is manifesting in your life. Don't blame yourself or feel shameful. Just read on and learn. This knowledge can transform your life.

You did not choose your programming. I repeat, you did not choose your programming. You must accept that before you can change.

Programming is usually thrust upon us by the people in charge of our care in our developmental years. Parents, teachers, peers, mentors, movie stars or TV actors.

TIP: It doesn't matter who those people were or are -- there's no need to get angry with them at this late date. They just, like, lifted their programming off them and set it on you. Let's face it, they couldn't, like, lift up someone else's programming and set it on you nearly as well as they could their own, so they did their own. That's what most people do. They try to make everyone else's world fit theirs. Face it, you've caught yourself doing it, too, haven't you?

Your life basically boils down to: What you are, is, who, or what, you came into contact with when you were vulnerable and growing up. It might not have been a person you actually know who programmed you in some things. It could have been a favorite TV show, radio personality, an idol of some sort, whatever.

But, guess what. You're not in that vulnerable stage so much anymore. Now, you can make your own mature decisions. You can now take charge of your life.

Now, you know that when you look at something, or think about something, nothing is actually good or bad -- as in *nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.*

You can feel strongly about or for something, and probably do. On the other hand, you won't have to walk too far to find someone who feels strongly *against* what you feel strongly for. Who is to say who is right? What if suddenly you saw the way he or she was thinking about it, and realized, hey, THEY might be right! What about what you felt strongly about? Did IT suddenly change? No, what changed is how you looked at it, what you were thinking.

All you really need to know is whether the programming you've grown up with is truthful or not. If it is programming that manifests as love and peace, it is truthful. *Anything* else indicates some degree of untruth. When you realize that, there will be more times than not that you realize, "I can let this go. This anger, this judgement, isn't what I want in my programming." And then, let it go.

You need to let the untruthful programs come to conscious awareness, then dissolve. This means that you have to let them come into conscious awareness -- you have to think about them -- without resistance. After you've checked it out, YOU make the decision to keep it, or to let it go. If it's something you *used* to hate, don't jump up and down and get all bothered with it -- let it go. If you get angry with it, you are keeping it. Let it go.

Do you feel you have to *be in control* of everything? Feel the peace of *being in control* by making the decision to let it go. Have this be your thought pattern: Feel the peace. Let it go. Feel the peace. Let it go. Feel the peace. Let it go.


Copyright 2001, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide 

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