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Be Grateful for the Moment
By Judi Singleton

“If you learn to appreciate more of what you already have, you’ll find yourself having more to appreciate.”

Michael Angier

An attitude of gratefulness brings the angels near. When we are appreciated, we tend to give more to the person appreciating us. The angels are not different. So give thanks for all we have in our lives today. The things we appreciate grow. What our mind dwells on is what grows into fruit in our lives. We reap what we sow.

In this time of rushing through life, it is not easy to stop and take time to appreciate what we already have. We are so goal oriented we are always living in the future. We cannot live the future now. The only power we have is in this moment. Once one realizes the truth of this statement, then and only then can they begin to live in the now and be grateful for what they have now.

It’s vitally important that we not lose sight of the things that are near and dear—things we all too easily take for granted.

What we hold in our minds, meditate on, increases. If we focus on our problems they grow. If we thank of the angels and of our Higher Power even for what we call problems then they too become a blessing. A challenge maybe; but a chance to overcome and grow for sure. After all, you created what you call problems, you and only you know exactly what you need to grow. 

If you focus on where you want to be in life, while being grateful for where you are now, you will expand the opportunities to create your life just as you would like it to be. I see meditating on our problems as another form of prayer. When we worry and fret over things, we make them bigger than they really are, as well as attract more of the same. That’s negative prayer—prayer in reverse.

Focus on what we HAVE and what we WANT. Appreciate them and they will grow.

Focus today, no matter what is happening in your life, on here and now (present). Be grateful for what you do have. Be grateful if you are growing toward where you want to be. 

Before going to sleep tonight, spend some time thinking of three things you are grateful for. This is a powerful time of day you are in - you are half awake and half sleep in this stage. It is the time of day when your mind can be programmed easily.

Gratefulness is a state of mind that should be practiced daily instead of yearly. Make everyday Thanksgiving.

Judi Singleton is the webmistress of www.Jassmine.com and http://www.gotojassminesitenow.com  Join her ezines: jassminesjournal@rapidreply.net and alightinthewindow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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