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Bringing Abundance Into Your Life
By Judi Singleton

This earth we live on is naturally abundant. I notice this when I work in my yard. I have several little trees in my yard that I planted four years ago, when I bought this house. They bore fruit the first year. Now, we have plenty of fruit - in abundance. . Of course then there are the weeds I don't want, they also grow in abundance. I call my garden the "garden of weeding. Did you ever notice that grass grows in abundance where ever you don't want it?

We live in a world that reflects back to us our words, feelings and thoughts that we are putting out. I believe that we are here to learn how to work with this energy to manifest what we desire. If we were all well versed in manifestation, we would not need to be here. However, my core belief is that life is full of abundance and prosperity. It is just a matter of learning to work with this abundance to bring it into our lives.

Desire takes concentration. We chatter to fill the quiet, afraid of hearing ourselves think, and afraid of knowing ourselves. This is a noisy world and it takes quieting our minds and being willing to listen to ourselves to manifest. One must be able to feel, taste, smell, see, the desire. To this, we must gather the abundance of our thoughts and put them into one's dream. Not being able to do this is a blessing in a way; even protection. Imagine a world where everything you thought of immediately manifested. Pretty scary picture eh? Not being able to manifest a million dollars right now may seem like a hindrance but it gives us time to learn the art of manifestation while not hurting ourselves or others.

It is not hard to see abundance on our earth. All we have to do is go back to the example of my yard. From those beautiful little four year old trees I had an abundant crop of cherries, apples, plums. But I had to see what I wanted in my yard, make a plan, plant the trees, care for them, then the abundant harvest manifested. This is the same process with whatever one would manifest.

Quiet your mind in a relaxed state. Then listen to yourself. Are your thoughts scattered? Do you spend a lot of time being afraid and thinking about scarcity? Do you believe that the weeds are going to take over the yard (of your mind)? Now spend some time cleaning out unwanted thoughts (from your mind). How do I do this, you say? Just let them go. You do not have to struggle with them. Just let them pass through your mind and replace them with the thoughts of abundance. With practice and time, the (abundance) ideas you are substituting the thoughts of scarcity with will take root and grow.

Spend time having a clear picture of what you want. This is time well spent because in your mind's eye you can say "delete that it is not clear", or "it is not what I want." Practice until you get a clear picture of what you want to manifest.

I cut pictures of what I want from magazines and then place them where I will see them just before going to sleep and the first thing in the morning when I wake up. I also put them where I can see them often during the day like on my refrigeratior.  

I use the affirmation, "money is energy, my life energy." When one thinks about it that is exactly what money is: your thoughts, turned into action, creating abundance or lack of according to your thoughts. So, if money is my creative thoughts and I am thinking abundantly then there is plenty of both.

There are more millionaires in The US now than there has ever been. So there is plenty of money moving around out there. These are people who you can sell your creative ideas, products and become a millionaire yourself. Remember there is plenty of money for everyone out there.

We have been programmed to think in terms of oil shortages, water shortages, recession. It just isn't true. That is just a way to keep people in line by making them fearful. Isn't that what terrorists do? I read that my state, where I live, owes the public employers 8 billion dollars. I have a hard time thinking in billions much less borrowing 8 billion. Well, the amount of money out there in the universe is like that unending beyond your imagination.

Then we really get in our own way with "money is evil," "To be rich is to exploit others." Well, we have to be willing to give as we would receive. We need to pray for others to have all that we would have and more. But if our thoughts and creative energy is money, they certainly are not evil. It's hard to align to money if you think it is evil and nasty. Money is neither evil nor good it is neutral.

 Abundance is natural like the fruit trees coming to harvest. To have money does not mean you are depriving someone else. There are plenty of ideas for everyone and plenty of money from these ideas. In fact, the more money you have. the more you can help others. The rich are often the ones giving more, supporting people around you, and adding to the overall velocity and flow of wealth.

If you can convince yourself at the very deepest level of your being that there is no shortage, no unfairness, and no discrimination, and that making money isn't hard, you suddenly open yourself to greater wealth. It is worth a try. If it doesn't work, I can always refund your fears and insecurities!

Judi Singleton is the webmistress of http://www.Jassmine.com and http://www.gotojassminesitenow.com Join her ezine: jassminesjournal@rapidreply.net

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