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Give the Gift of Love to the one you love!
By Tracie Johansen

As we get busy with our everyday lives we tend to  neglect the people we care most for. Give your partner  the best gift ever... Love Them and Spend Time With Them.

1. Say I Love You Everyday and show it in your actions and the way you treat them.

2. Say something nice everyday. Compliment the way they look, or something they accomplished.

3. When your partner talks to you, really listen.

4. When they ask you for help don't whine or complain or put them off.

5. Give your partner time for themselves without making them feel guilty or bothering them.

6. Share your thoughts and feelings and listen when they  share theirs. Look into each others eyes as you talk.

7. Surprise them with a love letter in their lunch, purse briefcase or somewhere they will find in the middle of  the day.

8. Try to learn new things about your partner and take an interest in their lives.

9. If your partner is tired, do one of their chores for  them just because.

10. Take time out for a candlelight dinner or candlelight bubble bath and wash each other.

11. Meet each others emotional needs by showing sensitivity for warmth, affection, love and understanding.

12. Try to remember why you fell in love and tell your  partner often about those memories.

13. If you tell them you will do something, then DO IT!!!

14. Take a class together or find a hobby you will both enjoy and do it together.

15. Never stop learning about your partner ask them about their lives and take an interest in them.

16. When your partner is depressed, try lifting their  spirit.

17. If your wrong, admit it and say your sorry and mean it.

18. Give your partner a back rub just because.

19. Tell them how important they are to you and why.

20. Get all dressed up and put a bow on yourself.

1999-2001 All Right Reserved Tracie Johansen 

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