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Gratitude Today...
By Coni Cecil

I just finally realized the true meaning of this word.

When someone at the convenience store in front of you is giving the clerk $1.25 for gas, because that is probably all of the money they have.
Maybe they are just trying to get home.

Or when an elderly person is counting their pennies at the grocery store, in order to pay the checkout person.

What about the people who have to take their calculators shopping, to make sure they don't spend more than they have.

I still remember the pizza guy who came to my door recently. He was old enough to be my Dad, and he was delivering pizzas just to put food on the table.
While I was just too lazy to go out and pick it up myself. Makes me cringe at the thought.

What about when you meet one of your co-workers, who has just discovered that she and her husband both have cancer.
All you can say to these people is that they are in your prayers, and make sure you put them there.

All the while, when you ran into them, you were probably feeling sorry for yourself about one thing or another.

We are a spoiled group, we Baby Boomers.

I'm disgusted with myself on how much I take for granted everyday.

Now I am by no means wealthy.
In fact there are vehicles that cost as much as my house.

What I am trying to say is this.

We have so much to be grateful for.

A roof over our heads.
Food on the table.
Clothes to wear.
Jobs that pay the bills.

When I see people who are struggling just to eat, it brings tears to my eyes for them, but also for how selfish we can be.

Gratitude means "The State of being Grateful; Thankfulness."

We need to start living like we are the wealthiest people on earth, and stop whining like babies, every time we can't have something we want.

For Goodness Sake already!

Enough is enough!

Wake Up and Express Your Gratitude Daily!

Copyright 2003

Coni Cecil

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