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Have You Allowed Your Dream to Die?
By Tony Pitwood

Have You Allowed Your Dream to Die?

I have always wanted to fly . . .

I thought of, wanted to, made enquiries about joining the Air Force after I left school, but it never came together.

Then this happened, and that happened, and it receded into the dim and distant land of wishes and unfulfilled hopes.

Until -

10 months ago, I picked up a book at my brother-in-law's on Paragliding. He's been hang-gliding for years, but somehow that never really appealed to me.

But as I started paging through this book, I suddenly got back all my yearnings and intense desires to soar like the birds. Mechanical flight doesn't quite cut it for me, and I never considered Gliding - thought it would cost too much. :o{

How many things in your life have you dismissed as unrealistic and unreachable on the basis of "your thoughts" instead of doing a little basic research? (I will not divulge my shameful history! )

But here was what I had been looking for for so long. I could feel myself floating along on the thermals under the wing - I could taste the freedom.

As soon as I got back to my PC, I searched for Paragliding schools in our vicinity, and found one not too far away that offered a training course, etc.

Needless to say, the price of the course, apart from any equipment, was totally beyond my reach at that time. I was expecting some money to come in in about 3 months' time, so I wisely decided to leave it till then.

But I unwisely - very foolishly - in fact, damned stupid of me :o{ - put the book to one side, and didn't look at it again.

What happened? You guessed it - the money came . . . and went.

And before I realized what had happened, all the old familiar excuses had been used to let another glorious opportunity pass by unrealized.

I feel sick.

I can't even say I fell for the oldest trick in the book! (I did it to myself)

When I got round to picking up the book again, my tattered dreams fell out of the pages and fluttered to the floor. (Poetic language? Not really, just trying to describe the sickened feeling in my heart)

Now I have two choices: a) Leave the pieces on the floor. b) Start again from the beginning, and this time, make sure I do it properly.

Dreams have to be watered, nurtured, weeded and cared for.

Or they shrivel up and die.

Before this happened, I knew why it was necessary to do this - in my head.

Now I know in my heart - now I comprehend - now I understand.

And I realize that I have another chance to fulfill my dream.

And Lord help me if I blow it this time -

I will never forgive myself! 

Tony Pitwood is a motivational writer who inspires the hopeless, encourages the desperate and uplifts the fallen. Visit his web-site http://www.admirablehomebusiness.com  or click here for a free subscription to his newsletter, Flying High. mailto:5025.subscribe@quickpaypro.com

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