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If You Hate Your Life, Then Change It
By Judi Singleton

Few days ago, I noticed that my car had been using a lot of gas. I wondered if it was just that I was driving more in stop and go traffic. However when I started using about four times as much as usual, I really started to take notice. Where was it going? I usually used $10 worth of gasoline to commute to work; but now bill was $40/week. Either I had a gas leak somewhere or someone was stealing the gas from the car. I was not sure which.

A few days later, while sitting on my back porch I noticed a puddle on the driveway under my car. That puddle had been there for a while, but I figured it was due to a leak in my power steering fluid. However, it looked a little too far back from the front of the car to have from a leak from the power steering.

I poked my hand into the puddle and smelled it. Sure enough, it was gas. The discovery really scared me. I could have been blown up with the car! Leaking $30 worth or gasoline a week is rally a lot of gas!

If you are losing energy in the form of, health, prosperity, experiencing bliss, or relationships, you have a leak in your system, just like the gas leak in my truck. No one is siphoning off your goodness. Your leak is in your system; only you can repair it.

The purpose of your life is to expand your energy. How you use this energy is up to you. Are you increasing your energy or do you have an energy leak in your vehicle? Do you spend a lot of time wondering about life instead of living it? What is life giving for you? Are you doing those things or are you only doing what keeps your emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally dead?

Do only what brings you life. Do not do what deadens you.

The reason your life is not what you would like it to be is that you are doing things, that are not life giving. The answer to that is simple. So your job is to find out what is deadening for you and stop doing it. Instead, do only things that bring you life.

If you use as much energy choosing to do life giving activities as you do to deaden yourself and used it for things you love what would you be doing?

If you took the energy you are wasting on things that suck and used it for things you love, what would you be doing differently?

When you do things you hate and resent, you die a little every day. These things may be things that our society approve of; but you do not want to do them so for you they are killers. For example, you might be spending a lot of time at church when what you really want to do is to work in your garden. You are giving away your time and power every time you make this choice.

What is really important to you? Take a walk in the woods, get close to nature, and spend time with your family. Talk to your animals; they make as much sense as any of your human friends. Simplify your life. If you do this you are giving yourself the present of life.

You may be very careful with money. I am not. So that is one place in my life I have an energy leak. However, what you give your attention to is more important than how you use your money. If you give away your time on this earth not doing anything you want to do that energizes you, you will end up in a big hole. (No pun intended.)

Everything you invest your attention in, brings more of the same. What we pay attention to grows, whether it is fear or love. If we live thinking, "When I retire I will do what I want to do. Until then I will do this job that I hate." Watch out. Retirement comes and you have had a heart attack and never get to do what you want. So choose now the things you love and invigorate your life. You are the one creating your life. This is your life. If you don't like it change it.

Judi Singleton is the webmistress of www.Jassmine.com and www.gotojassminesitenow.com Join her ezines: jassminesjournal@rapidreply.net and alightinthewindow-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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