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Is Your Past Real?
By Michael Skowronski

One evening many years ago, my wife, a friend, and I were leaving a movie theater. On our way to the car a man began to follow us asking for money. He looked like he lived on the street and was noticeably intoxicated on something other than alcohol. I got the feeling he was not going to take "no" for an answer.

The closer we got to the car the darker it got and the more worried I got about our safety. I was running a defense plan over in my mind in case we got into some sort of physical altercation... especially since it was me he had picked to harass. And sure enough, when we arrived at our car and I stopped, he stood in my face making it clear that he was not going to give up without a fight.

I turned and walked away from my car. The man followed, as I hoped he would. Susan and Richard stayed near the car watching. I turned around faced the man and commanded, "Stay right here and leave me alone! " I then turned and walked back towards my car.

I could hear him walking right behind me so I quickly turned around, pushed him against another car we were near. He lost his balance and I took advantage of that and helped him to the ground. I quickly ran back to my car, we all got in, and I drove off.

Later that week at an "Apprenticeship" group that Susan and I attended I asked Philo, "What was my lesson in this? " Philo was the entity that was channeled by Lita Rose who led this group. Philo said to me, "Beloved, the experience you had was due to your judgements about this man. You saw him as unworthy... as beneath you."

"Do you not become defensive when you are being judged? And so it was with this man. How different do you think this situation would have been if you had seen the depths of his soul? If you would have held the truth of his spiritual nature in your mind as you looked upon him? And why was it you that he followed and not Susan or Richard?"

I knew exactly what he meant. Neither Richard nor Susan would have thought of him as scum as I had been doing that evening. Their thoughts were more along the lines of "It's sad that he thinks he has to live this way." They had compassion for him.

Years later I was in Tonga, returning to my hotel from a social evening out with friends. It was well after midnight and I was walking. Up ahead I saw a group of young Tongan men on the same footpath walking towards me.

They were quite drunk, loud, and obnoxious. I had heard rumors about how drunk and belligerent these guys could get. I had seen the long list of names on the window outside of one of the bars of those who were excluded because of their behavior. I was really frightened. I thought I was in for a real good bashing.

Philo's words came back to me. I decided to focus on respecting these men, to holding love in my heart for them. In the little time I had before our paths crossed I imagined them with their family, working, playing, laughing... doing all the things a normal responsible person would do.

When we got close enough for conversation they were all having a verbal go at me. In my mind I pretended that they were my friends and having a go at me as friends do.

I verbally responded in a cheeky way, as a friend might do, while holding a respectful energy for them. I reached out to them to shake their hands, and although I was not drunk, I acted a bit drunk myself.

We had a short conversation about where I was from and I mirrored their loudness and mannerisms as I spoke. We went our separate ways and all was well.

Now I cannot say for certain that if had I held judgment for them I would have been beaten up. But I'd say it was very likely.

It really did feel like they were a gang looking for trouble. I do know for certain that we create our own reality. That the experiences we have is a mirror for the vibration we put out with our minds.

Is your past real, seriously… is it?

I reflected back on the dramas I had in my past. Dramas I had at a time when I was completely unaware that we had anything to do with the experiences we were having.

Today I *KNOW* that I created them. In the past I blamed others for them. So can you see? Right now today I know that my past reality was not true! We all do this.

Because my thinking and view on life is so different today than it was way back then, I know that there was much more going on than I realized.

Therefore the past I remembered and experienced was not real. The experiences I had occurred only in my mind. The truth was lost and there were many other realities going that I actually missed out on.

And if your past is not real, the conclusions you came to from the experiences you had would be a bit suspect too. These are the conclusion that you are now basing your current thoughts and actions on. Is it time to question them?

 Consider this example: 

Over the past two days I have been going the rounds with a company, a man really, who would not give me a refund for a product I purchased. He got very mean calling me things like a con artist and much more. He painted a pretty nasty picture of how he saw me.

The problem is that my reality is nothing like his.

Well, I am clear about my intentions. How they started, respectful and expecting... and how they ended up, determined to get my refund.

I am clear about how I felt... I went from knowing that "All Is Well" to a fiery rage and everything in between a few times.

This man remained clear with his image of me taking advantage of him. He is even threatening lawsuits and such.

I know I am not as he describes me. I am very clear that this is an illusion in his mind. Okay, so then why does it get me so worked up?

Because I am continuing to focus on it!

You see, we don't really have problems, we have illusions. Yes we think it is real. Then we tend to let the feelings drive us rather than using them as an indicator of our thoughts and focus.

We tend to respond to the illusions of others from the belief that they have the ability to harm us... we either get defensive or back down. And we create illusions of our own the whole time we are doing this.

The truth is being ignored. I am safe and he is safe. We are both infinite beings of light playing a game. I am free to pull out of it at any time. My feelings about it are feelings about an illusion. Illusions have *NO* power! Only you do. You have the power! You have a guidance system that can see you safely through any situation.

Okay, so back to my main point... So, how real is your past? How real is your present? And just as important how real will your future be? Become aware! Joyfully take responsibility for your thoughts and your creations.

Michael Skowronski is a spiritually oriented Life Coach and Counselor. He offers the free “Walk On Water” ezine and sells the “Facts of Life” ecourse from his http://gr8wisdom.com website. Michael also offers Teleclasses and an Apprenticeship Group.

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