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It's Ok To Be Selfish Once In A While!
By Jeanine Herrin

Itís for your own well-being. Thereís just times when you have to say, ďNo, I canít do that today, Iíve already made plans.Ē

Itís always nice to keep those grandkids or be able to run errands for this person or that. Just plain helping someone out. But, donít you find that sometimes youíre doing and going for everybody but yourself?

I donít believe everyone (or at least most) intentionally are trying to take advantage of you, itís just that you are always THERE to do for others and you seem to make it easy for them to ask, (you know the sound, ďMom, Iíve got to go shopping, can you keep the kids for a few hours, Mom, going away for the week-end, can you keep the kids (etc.!)? or ďMrs. ???, Iíve got a lot of errands to run today, would you mind so much taking me in you car? How about, ďWe need a volunteer to handle the church bake sale, will you do it?Ē) I could go on and on, but I think you get what Iím talking about!

So, try to set aside a little time just for yourself. Even if itís an hour or two a couple of times a week. (a whole day would be even better) Have lunch with the girls, go shopping by yourself, have your hair and nails done, try reading a book. Join a bowling league, play golf or tennis. Maybe even take some classes of some kind, art maybe, writing, cooking? The list is endless of the things you can come up with! Isnít that what these ďEmpty Nest ď years are suppose to be about? Having more time to do the things youíve been wanting to do?

If you have a spouse, take some short week-ends just for the two of you! Get to know each other again, (get to know yourself again!) just have some fun with each other. The rest of the world can manage to get along without you for a little while.

Now, the next time youíve just made special plans of your own and someone calls to ask you to do something for them, (with the exception of a REAL emergency!) donít feel guilty about telling them that you already have plans!

Remember, itís for your own well-being! Everyone needs a little private time now and then. It helps keep you sane!

So, itís ok, to be selfish once in a while!


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