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A Letter to My Mom on Mothers Day

By Seena Mathew

At this point in my life I feel as if I have accomplished many things that are not seen as accomplishments. I have graduated from high school and am soon to graduate from undergraduate as well. I will walk across that stage and hold in my hand a degree tied in a purple ribbon certifying that I have spent that last four years of my life, dedicated to increasing my knowledge about neuroscience.

I sat in my room yesterday amongst all the hustle and bustle of freshman packing and saying their good-byes and thought back to all the people that had touched my life in some way. All the people that when I needed hugs were there and when I needed a laugh were there. People who accepted me for my faults and weaknesses but most importantly accepted me for the person I am and have grown to be.

My years at Kenyon have been some of the best and worst of my life. Here I was faced with the harsh realities of the world that I had never encountered while living at home. At the same time it was the type of environment that I was able to allow my self-esteem and personality blossom into the young woman I am today. The network and connections I found here with faculty and students were amazing and definitely helped foster my intellectual as well as spiritual growth.

Most importantly when I think back to all that I have accomplished in my life I realize that I would never have been able to accomplish it without the strong stable foundation that I received at home. Upon all the reflection and memories I remember one person, my mother, who through four years of change and fear supported me.

She was someone who held my hand and walked beside me when I needed it, but also let go and allowed me to learn things for myself. She made tremendous sacrifices to ensure her daughter went to the best college she could go to. For this, I am indebted to her. Of all the things she has done in the past four years, certain events are vivid in my memory.

  • A mother driving two hours after a long day of work to help her daughter study for an exam that she is terrified she will not do well on.

  • A mother driving to bring her daughter home made chocolate chip cookies simply because she knows that those are her daughters favorite snack of all.

  • A mother calling her daughter at 6:00 a.m. to make sure she doesn't oversleep for her final exam.

  • A mother simply calling at night to see how her daughter is doing and to show her that despite all the hardships there are still people in the world who love her unconditionally.

  • A mother who will accept phone calls at work from her frustrated daughter, allowing her to complain about schoolwork, teachers, and life in general.

When I reflect upon the past year and all the memories I think of what a constant stable presence you, my mother, were in my life. I know that all of my life I have taken you for granted. I have never appreciated how truly gifted I was to have a wonderful role model and confident that I had in you.

You have blessed me with many gifts that make me the wonderful, talented and gifted person I am today. You have taught me your sincerity, caring, patience, will, and most of all faith and love for God. Although I may not verbalize my thoughts and feelings to you everyday, I want you to know that I love you tremendously and praise God for all that he has given me in my life…. most importantly you.


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