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Self-Confidence...Where Can I Get Some?
By Coni Cecil

Hey. It turns out; my confidence can be "shattered" with one sentence. How about you?

All it takes is one negative comment from someone you Love and trust. It could be all over with after that.

Why not just give up? No one else believes in you, so why should you bust your rump everyday to make your dream happen?

I'll tell you why.

Because your life is something that you believe in.
Your dream is something that you can and will achieve.
It is definitely within your reach.

Do not let close-minded people rule your life.
Do not let them influence you.

I don't want to be just anyone.

What about you?

Hey. We could be. Let's just hang out with the rest of the folks and enjoy ourselves. Not worrying or planning for anything. Never attempting to better our lives.

When are we going to take a stand?

When are we going to make sure that other people know that we are for real, and our dreams are not just fantasies?

I'll tell you when. Right now. Today!

Quit worrying about what other people think.
Quit wondering if you are good enough to "hob-knob" with the best.

You are, and deep down you know it!

Deep down in your subconscious mind, you realize that some things can be different.

Some things can actually be the way you want them to be.

So guess what?

It is up to you to make your dreams come true.
It is up to you to insure that your life is what you want it to be.

O.K. So we all have our little quirks. Right?

Well. Those little quirks are what make us unique.
It is those very things that make us individuals.

Don't let anybody, anytime; shatter your confidence.
Who are they anyway?

Self-Confidence matters, and getting it seems to be fairly complicated at times.

If you find an easy way, please let me in on it. 

Copyright 2002-2003

Coni Cecil, Still striving for Self-Confidence.

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