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Teenage Boy Attacks Innocent Kayaker
By Michael Skowronski

It was a warm and lovely Sunday afternoon, nearly dusk actually. I took my kayak out for a stroll around the canals to catch that last magical hour of daylight.

The first part of my journey requires a bit of effort to paddle against the current in the wide tidal river that connects my canal system to another nearby one. For no more than ten minutes I have to paddle vigorously. After that I get a rest as I take it easy and cruise down this lazy stretch of canal that takes me around Paradise Island.

On this particular occasion I was hot from my big push across the river and really in the mood to kick back and go with the flow. So I lifted my feet and legs up out of the kayak and rested them on the top of the covered section.

Lounging in this kayak in this way is not the most stable position to be in, but it is comfortable.

I paddled slowly along this resort-laden stretch of suburbia and enjoyed the sights and the sounds. The sounds were particularly rich this time. Not only where the birds singing but the sounds of laughter and people on vacation filled the air.

Then all of a sudden, from my left came the hooting and hollering of a teenage boy on the warpath! It was a bit of a shock and caught my attention. Then came the sound of a metal gate squeaking and slamming closed.

The remaining schoolies in the spa were now chanting, "Go... Go... GO!!!" I knew this Australian youth was after me. I was his prey and he had the look of determination in his eyes. Based on his physique I quickly surmised that he had a very good chance of succeeding in overturning and capsizing me.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you have tried to get away? Would you have attacked him with your paddle?

I may have been able to get away, but the way I was lounging in my kayak was not conducive to a quick get-away. And I may have flipped myself over if I had tried due to the unstable distribution of my weight in the kayak.

Not only did my options seem limited but I decided I would rather shift this with my energy. I thought, "I am *NOT* a vibrational match to being shoved out of my kayak by some young lad out for a bit of fun and mischief!"

So I got a grip on my mind and calmed my racing heart. As this young man rapidly approached my kayak I laughed deep and loud and said to him, "Great idea! You gave me a bit of a fright there for a moment. Please don't dump me out, I have my mobile phone in here."

The spunky lad was huffing and puffing but he had heard me. He began looking into my kayak and so I produced my dry bag, which contained my mobile phone. It was safe even if I was dumped, but he did not know that.

Meanwhile his friends were making a lot of noise pushing him to do the dirty deed. This lad lifted my phone into the air and yelled out, "He has valuables!" There were people on both sides of the canal observing this exchange of energy and waiting for him to dump me.

We talked for a little bit, shook hands and then with one mighty push he sent me on my way.

I reveled in the feeling of exhilaration! I was excited and happy to be alive. I had not been in real danger, but it was thrilling just the same. My heart was pounding and I was grateful to have had such an encounter with this young being.

I thought about how different it could have turned out. I marveled at how powerful our energy can be. I knew without a doubt that I had commanded that situation by being firm and clear in my intention.

When I got home and shared this story with my new housemates, a couple of Australian women, they were shocked to find out that the boy did not turn me over. Knowing Aussie lads the way they do, they figured it was a sure thing.

You see, when you take control of your mind and your vibration you take control of your entire life! You become safe because you will feel when you are in danger. You will know what actions to take and when to take them.

There have been times when I ignored messages that could have saved me trouble, but there have *NOT* been times (in the last few years) when I missed the messages altogether.

Most of the time I either miss trouble without a (physical) clue it was ever there, or watch it move past me while being grateful for having such a clear connection to my guidance system.

You must know that it has not always been this way for me. I used to have experiences that were quite painful and difficult and no clue as to how they came about.

These are skills that anyone can learn... even you! I teach these skills in the "Facts of Life" ecourse. You can visit http://gr8Wisdom.com to find out how to purchase this invaluable ecourse.

Michael Skowronski is a spiritually oriented Life Coach and Counselor. He offers the free “Walk On Water” ezine and sells the “Facts of Life” ecourse from his http://gr8wisdom.com website. Michael also offers Teleclasses and an Apprenticeship Group.

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