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Let Visions of War Become an Opportunity for Peace
By Perry Robinson 
Center for Peace

Recent events have triggered thoughts in my heart, which I am guided to share with you.

Beginning in the 1980s there has been a focus on potential "tragedies" and possible "earth changes", with a lot of predictions about the nature of these things. Consistently, when I have prayed about these things, I have been told -- "Do not focus on these things. Instead, prepare your heart -- and prepare your people -- to be a person who will be useful to the human race, should these things come to pass. 

You must be strong enough to walk calmly, even amidst the rubble of what seems to be destruction, seeing it as building materials out of which to build the 'new heaven and [the] new earth'. The new heaven and the new earth shall not be forced upon humanity against the will of the people -- that would merely occasion another dose of 'more of the same'. It shall come when the people in their freedom invite its coming and embrace the change that it will bring. See yourself as a watcher for the dawn."

We are the Star People. We are the Ancestors, who have returned yet again. Until we walk this world in that consciousness, we shall not rest.

I ask all of you to call upon the Radiance which is within you -- that "part of God" in you which has never left its Home. Let the Light and Power of God guide your steps, your thoughts, every action.

Instead of fear, remember love. 
In the face of anger, offer friendship. 
When there is destruction, see building materials for something new. 
Let visions of war become an opportunity for peace.

The two wolves which have been always inside each one of us -- one wolf in harmony with all things and always in balance, the other wolf full of rage and hurt -- are now walking the streets of this world. Which one will win? The one we feed!

Every thought, feeling, action, and vision that you have will be feeding one or the other of these wolves. Choose very carefully, prayerfully!

Love and Blessings!

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