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Super Bowl Party

(FeatureSource) - It doesn't matter if your favorite football team is playing in the championship game or sitting this one out - you can still root for a good time. And you barely have to lift a finger - except to control the remote. This quick-and-easy Super Bowl Blitz from Penny Warner, author of "The Best Party Book" (Meadowbrook Press), offers a great excuse to gather friends, watch the game, and enjoy the traditional snacks and drinks you'd find at the ballpark. Just set up a stadium right in your own TV room and host a day of cheers, jeers, and beers. It's just like being there - only easier!

Invite the fans

Buy some inexpensive football cards featuring the team players. Glue a white piece of paper on the back and write the party details as stats. Mail to guests in team color envelopes. 

Put your party details in a sports news article and photocopy the page. Wrap the copy around the sports section and mail to guests in large envelopes. 

Ask the fans to come dressed in their favorite team's colors. Or have them come in costumes related to football, such as a player, a cheerleader, a referee, or a crazed fan. As hosts, you might want to come dressed as food and drink vendors!

Set up the stadium

Hang posters of the team or star players on the walls.

Cut out footballs from brown construction paper and hang them from the ceiling, or use toy footballs for a 3-D look. 

Buy paper products in your favorite team's colors and decorate the room with crepe paper streamers to match. 

Arrange your furniture and chairs in a half circle around the TV to simulate a stadium. Mark out your party room floor with field yard lines using tape or rope, set up a few homemade goalposts, and cover the walls with sports banners.

Serve snacks and drinks on a Ping-Pong table that looks like a gridiron. Cover it with a white paper tablecloth, draw on yard lines with felt-tip pen, and tape drinking straw goalposts to either end. Add stickers, banners, or football cards to feature the teams. Make a centerpiece of footballs, helmets, and pennants. Or add a touch of whimsy with some Ace bandages, Ben-Gay, crushed beer cans, and Gatorade.

Bet on the fun

Have everyone bring pennies or dollar bills and place bets on the winning scores. You can bet on the score at each quarter, bet which players will score the most points, and bet which team will win the game. 

For added fun, place penny bets on everything that you could possibly bet on, such as: Who will win the coin toss? Which beer commercial will be next? Who will swear first? Who will spit first?

Bring on the football food 

Offer the crowd traditional ballpark franks, soft pretzels, peanuts, and beer. 

For fun, make a giant sandwich. Cut several loaves of French bread in half lengthwise, and fill with favorite meats, cheeses, and condiments. Lay the loaves end to end, cut the ends off all but the last two end loaves, then slice up the giant sandwich and stick long toothpicks in each section. Let the guests serve themselves a slice when they get hungry.

Send the fans home with sports memorabilia! 

Give them tickets to an upcoming game - professional, amateur, college, or high school. 

Pass out home-team pennants. 

Buy T-shirts with the team logo. Personalize them with fans' names on the back. 

Hand out sports almanacs or sports fact books.

Give the fans some football cards to take home.

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