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Truths For Self-Forgiveness
By Robert Elias Najemy

The following truths can be misunderstood, misapplied and used as excuses for egotistical behavior. No truth should lead us to become indifferent to how our actions might affect others. Nor should they allow us to behave towards them in ways in which we would not like them to behave towards us. 

These truths are there to help us get free from the guilt, shame and doubt of the past, not to give license to do whatever we like in the future.


  1. All happens according to a divine plan, which brings to all exactly what we need at every stage of our evolutionary process in order to learn the next lesson. I may, in some cases, have been the instrument for that learning process for others. Thus, I am not the creator of their reality, but I can ask forgiveness for any selfish behaviors or negative emotions that I have had towards them.

  2. Others are simply actors in each personıs life drama, the script of which each of us writes daily for ourselves.

  3. I, as all others, am a soul in evolution, who occasionally acts negatively out of ignorance and fear.

  4. Asking forgiveness does not mean that I am evil, but that I recognize my ignorance and want to get free from it. Admitting it is the first step towards that freedom.

  5. Asking for forgiveness does not demean me, but rather, frees me from the illusion on my ego.

  6. Each is the sole creator of his reality. I create no one elseıs reality.

  7. Each has the power to create his life and need not hide behind excuses that he cannot because of something that I or others have done or are doing. I refuse to be emotionally blackmailed by such situations.

  8. As souls in the process of evolution we all make many mistakes. This is natural. What is unnatural is to not forgive ourselves and others for these mistakes.

  9. I am a divine creation. The divine is functioning through me. Not forgiving myself, is to not forgive the divine.

  10. Let he who has not sinned, throw the first stone. Who is there to judge me?

  11. Godıs love for me is unconditional. I am loveable as I am, with all my mistakes.

  12. God has created me with my weaknesses. I cannot be judged for what has been divinely created. My destiny, however, is to free myself from my selfishness and ego-centeredness which are based on illusion.

  13. Peter asked Christ, "How many times should we forgive someone for what he has done, seven times?" Christ answered, " No Peter, Seven times seventy times." This also applies to ourselves.

  14. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

  15. I appreciate and respect myself.

  16. There is within me an all-wise voice that leads me.

  17. I have the right and the responsibility to express my inner beauty and creativity.

  18. I deserve everyoneıs love and respect, regardless of my appearance, social position, profession, knowledge, achievements and of what others think of me.

  19. My self worth is the same as that of every other soul, no more no less.

  20. I am an eternal, divine consciousness in the process of developing the ability to express the beauty that exists within me.

  21. Everything is divine. There is no one or nothing that is not the expression of the one universal consciousness (God) - I am no exception.

  22. It is not necessary to live my life according to the convictions or expectations of my parents or of others. I can love, respect and help them, but live according to my principles, needs and convictions.

Remember not to misuse these truths, but do use them properly to free yourself from the past and from the illusion of the ego.

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(Robert Elias Najemy's recently released book "The Psychology of Happiness" (ISBN 0-9710116-0-5) is available at www.amazon.com  His writings can be viewed at http://www.HolisticHarmony.com )

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