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Your Friends and Your Wealth
by PT Cheng

Do you know that your wealth is determined by the types of friends you spend most of your time with?

This question raised some doubts in me when I first heard this statement but it turned out to be one of the most powerful statements I've ever known.

If this question also raises some doubts in you, please read on...

Many years ago, I went to a seminar on wealth creation and one of the speakers asked the audience to do this:

"On a piece of paper, please write down the names of six people you spend your time most. And write down their respective monthly income."

The speaker continued, "Then sum up the income six of your closest friends make."

"Lastly, calculate the average of the salary among your six friends by dividing the total salary by six. The average salary is a reflection of how much you make." The speaker explained.

The audience was intrigued. So did I. How could a simple game like this lead to how much you make?

It's even surprising to find out that how much you make is determined by how much your friends make.

After the game, I came to realize that the essence of the game is the power of association. And the importance of what types of friends you associate with most of your time.

You'll become who your friends are.

There is also a Chinese proverb says that if you mix with red ink, you'll become red; if you mix with black ink, you'll become dark.

This proverb teaches us the importance of choosing friends. The influence of friends is so great that it can shape your destiny.

Having mentioned the game in the seminar and the Chinese proverb, I have no intention whatsoever to tell you to choose friends based on their paychecks.

What I wanted to say is, if you want to achieve success in life and business, you must carefully choose with whom you want to spend most of your time.

If you surround yourself with friends in business, you talk about business. If your friends are employees, you talk about work. If your friends are in real estate, you talk about real estate...and so on.

Don't believe what I said?

When you hang out with your friends next time, take note of the topics that govern your conversation between you and your friends and you'll understand what I mean.

If you want to soar, associate yourself with eagles and become one of them. It's impossible for you to soar if you only associate with chicken. Be an eagle and soar to greater heights.

PT Cheng is a business owner. He believes that everybody has the potential to be rich and eventually financially free. For practical tips on this, subscribe to his newsletter at http://www.financiallyrich.com/subscribe.asp and receive a BONUS report.

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