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A Thought of Comfort

by Dr. Mercy Abraham

My soul longs for Thee, Oh Lord, My God
As the deer seeks after the water brook
I am parched as a dry leaf in this desert
Where hot winds blow as in a summer time.

I long to bask in this sunshine ever present
But shadows dim my visions bright
I long to see Your face so beautiful
I feel myself carried in your everlasting arms
Strengthening, comforting and guiding my life.

I want to hide under Your sheltering abode
But there are lost souls, who wander far and wide
With not even a friendly shoulder to weep.

Lord, You are near to the broken hearted
Come to our aid and give us comfort
And strength to tackle the problems at hand
Only You, You alone can we depend.

We are glad that You are close to us in our needs
Your glorious chariots and archangels
Come to our aid when we cry out in our fears.

No one can take away our gladness
Which You Lord gives us, when you are with us
Come what may trials, temptations, tempests
That crush and strangle our lives.

If Lord God, is with us we will never fail
There is always some thing to rejoice in our hopes
Which are like a silver lining to the
Darkened storm clouds that hang over the earth.

And Your goodness and love comfort us in
Our sorrows like a blanket in winter
And Peace, like a dove descend upon us
In our Trust and Your Faithfulness, Lord.

And our minds, filled with Thanksgiving
Sing in everlasting realms of music
Which like an offering ascends to Heaven
And fills the earth with its sweet perfume
In reverberating shades of Love, Oh Lord.

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Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Abraham is a graduate of Kerala University in India. She lives in Middle East with her family. She often had to serve in desolate desert separated far from her family and loved ones. These poems captures her thoughts in those lonely moments.

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