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by Dr. Mercy Abraham

I feel abandoned by the world.
When I look at these mountains bleak
There is not even a single blade of grass
On these black and stony slopes.

I see houses studded on the shallow valleys
And children playing in the dry streams down
But life is so dull and desperate here
Where everything looks monotonous with
No busy multitude passing nearby.

The nights are so quiet with an occasional
Passing vehicle some times on the winding road
I feel abandoned to this dark island
Of stones and mountain peaks.

Does Heaven open also to me in these dark moments
As it did to John, in the Isle of Pathmos?
I wait for visions and dreams
I keep myself as holy as I can and
Try to stick on to the duties that
Are entrusted to me and cheer
The friends few that are around.

Peace and solitude fills my heart
As I sit and gaze at the evening clouds
As they make a pattern beautiful on
The distant horizon above the mountains here.

And light streams down to me
Where I sit in this gloom
The sky was flushed a moment before
But now the dusk has made every thing dark.

Birds fly past to their nests in the trees nearby
And crickets chirrup in the shrubs
The night air is cool with a pleasant breeze
How I wish you were here with me
To share these moments sublime.

But you are far away, among
The milling multitude across the continent
I hope these lines fill you with peace
And pleasant memories when we were together.

Now, when, our lives are almost spent
What does future hold for us I wonder
I am glad, for whatever God has in store
For nothing can separate me from the Love.

That I cherish all my life, even now
When my bodily powers faint, for
My spirit is renewed by these thoughts and
Rhymes which I sing for you, dear Love.

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Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Abraham is a graduate of Kerala University in India. She lives in Middle East with her family. She often had to serve in desolate desert separated far from her family and loved ones. These poems captures her thoughts in those lonely moments.

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