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Real me to you
By Manan Katohora

On the flight I was deep down wine, 
Saw this flick "someone like you"...
I closed my eyes and these dreams of mine, 
Thought about someone like you...

Smell of your hair, touch of your lips, 
Do you know what its like to miss?
You are some girl inside my head, 
You are everything I want...

I wanna say I love you and mean 
"You are everything I want"
Maybe I did repeat the last line, 
Maybe I dont know what to say...

Maybe I wanna love someone, 
And keep saying it every day -
Without you am empty space, 
Life is a silence...

Can't feel every breathe you take 
And dont know when...
Travelling in stillness, 
Will we get closer...

Can I fly you to the dance of Indian summer? 
Can I make you my feather?

I wanna feel the essence of love, 
See in your heart the heaven above...

I wanna be next to you and hold your hand, 
Touch you deep and understand...

I wanna stand behind and smell you vanilla, 
You farther than the stars...

I wanna find myself in your eyes 
And talk to you for hours...

I wanna feel you when you are not you, 
When I am not I...

I wanna sense you around, 
Contour every sound, your every sigh...

I wanna watch you smile 
And be the reason too,

I wanna get connected - 
Real me to dream you!

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