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The Lost Music of My Love

by Dr. Mercy Abraham

The music of my lost love streams to me
Across the years, as I dream yesterday
The glimpse of my lost love is still fresh
In my memory even though eons past.

As the streams of music in my heart
Still vibrate in my mind today
O My God, why did you allow my love
To be lost in the dark mysteries across these years.

The beauty of my thoughts still strains
My heart as I think about you
As its slow fire still burns in its ashes
Of worldly cares and strains even now.

Across the years- the memories are dull
As a glimpse across the misty mirror
On a rainy day over the windshield
Looking at new the faces still young and fresh.

Makes me think about you, my lost love
Which I hide like a misty feather
In an old and worn out book
You may not fathom the depth of my old love.

As you get a glimpse of this old and tearstained face
As eons are past since I lost my love
Even the words of endearment seem lost
Making me dull and dump now after all.

These years of loneliness and empathy
In this drab desert as twilight streams
Across the window after a sunset sublime
Above the mountains and
Darkness slowly filters in the gloom.

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Dr. (Mrs.) Mercy Abraham is a graduate of Kerala University in India. She lives in Middle East with her family. She often had to serve in desolate desert separated far from her family and loved ones. These poems captures her thoughts in those lonely moments.

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