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Visa to Heaven

by John Kunnathu

When I was a child, I was told of heaven--
A city up there with gates, and gatekeepers.

When I get there after I die, they’ll stop me at the gate,
And will check if I have a visa, a permit to enter.

If I have one, I will go in, and be with God, saints, and angels.
If not, I’ll be sent to hell, and be in fire with Satan, and demons.

As I grew up, I began searching for ways to obtain a visa.
I met several agencies that offered one.

Several guides did I meet who claimed to know
The “true way” to obtain the “right visa”.

But they all showed me different ways to obtain the visa.
A Rabbi told me to get circumcised; a pastor told me to get baptized;

An evangelist advised me to believe that Christ died for my sins;
An Adventist advised me to go to church on Saturdays;

An imam told me to believe in Allah and Mohammed;
A yogi advised me to practice yoga.

Baffled and bewildered, I wandered for months and years,
Knowing not whom to believe, and what advice to take.

My little mind began filling with fear, uncertainty, and rage.
I was going crazy!

Luckily, I found a little book at my home,
And it brought me back to sanity.

It was my passport,
And it said, I am a citizen of heaven.

I sat there looking at it, I don’t know how long.
Slowly the truth dawned on me –I don’t need a visa.

If I am a citizen of heaven, heaven is mine, and I belong there!
Why do I need a permit to get there?

Why didn’t I know this earlier?
Why didn’t anyone tell me this?

Not only that I am a citizen, but I am a prince there.
For God, the king, is my father, and who can take away my birthright?

My heart was filled with joy, and I ran out to the streets calling EUREKA!
I met those visa agents, and told them what I found.

They said I was hallucinated, and my passport was fake,
And they called me crazy and stupid.

Since then, I’ve been passing this good news
That humans are the citizens of heaven, so we need no visa.

But no one believes me!

© John Kunnathu April 2005

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