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How To say Good Bye


Sometimes it's hard to say it,
But sometimes it must be heard.
Some say it's hard to understand,
And hard to accept this word.

Good-bye, I know, isn't easy.
It's just something that must be done.
And once this word is spoken,
You turn around and your friend is gone.

Sometimes good-bye is forever,
Others- just for a while,
But then the heart grows weaker,
And you're faced with pure denial.

Is the good-bye you have spoken,
For forever or just a day?
And if you're gone for forever,
Will the pain I feel go away?

I shall not get discouraged,
'Cause I know it's for the best.
So, please don't get discouraged,
Just lay your worries to rest.

You've been such a good friend to me,
It's hard to let you go
And inside I feel a burning,
Like my heart's about to explode.

Does good-bye hold forgetfulness,
Or does it hold a friend?
And if you come back, please let me know,
So I can prepare to say this again.

You've been there through my troubles,
And you've been there through my pain,
You were there when I thought my life,
Had nothing for me to gain.

Now I guess I'll stop writing,
Before I start to cry.
You'll always have a friend in me,
I love you... and good-bye.

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