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10 Steps To Manifesting Consciously

By Ronya Banks

Your birthright includes being able to effortlessly manifest what you want in to your life. The following are steps you can take that will lead you to manifesting your desired life results, again and again.

1. Adopt the free, positive, playful, giving spirit/attitude of a young child.

Very young children who have not yet been corrupted by negative adults are the most natural, abundant manifesters. They draw things, experiences, and people to them like magnets.

2. Make and maintain a direct connection to the All/God/Spiritual realm.

You are not here alone, and you are being supported at your core connection. Either through prayer or meditation, open this pathway to your spiritís realm. This will help your speed up your process and make it effortless.

3. Experience the present moment fully.

You can only bring a future moment in to existence by being present and focused in this moment. Thoughts are energy, and they are a very important part of the manifestation process. Be aware of what thoughts you are thinking this moment, because whatever thoughts you are presently broadcasting is what youíre ordering up for your future manifestation.

4. Be worthy and know that you deserve to receive the gifts the Universe has to offer.

You have to open your door before you manifestation can walk through it. Look at the ways you may have your door closed and be holding back the flow of your manifesting. Do you stop the flow of what you can receive because you do not feel worthy of receiving? Are you open to receiving things, gifts, and praise?

5. Clearly declare your desired manifestation. Declare it in a way that works for you. Some make their declarations by writing them down, while others do during prayer, meditation, or by talking to others. Make sure to be clear about your declaration, because if you arenít specific about what you are manifesting, you may manifest something different from what you intended.

6. Live in integrity.

By living in integrity, you do what you say you are going to do and say only what you do. You are honest. You pay your bills and keep caught up with your obligations and physical environment, things are basically complete. You live according to your values. Living in integrity saves you from losing energy expended to uphold out of integrity situations.

7. Visualize the desired experience/result as though itís already occurred Ė Amplify visualization.

Take 20-30 minutes out of each day to visualize and play out the desired manifestation scenarios in your mind. Some people do this during meditating, driving, exercising, or by looking at a creative visual collage. Amplify the visualization by adding specific details such as colors, textures, and by adding emotions.

8. Experience the present moment having already manifested the desired experience/results.

You become the person who has already had that experience before you become that person.

9. Live and take ACTIONS consistent with Desired manifestation.

ē Take action. Donít sit there and wait for your manifestation to knock at your front door. ē If you want to be a trainer or speaker, take classes on how to improve your training/speaking skills, and then go out there and begin letting the world know that you are available.

10. Let go of your Ego; Let go of the Results; Trust and Choose Faith.

Let it go, let it go, and let it go.

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As a Mind Power Leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, Ronya Banks has been teaching others how to become leaders and business owners since 1992. Frequently featured in radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Ronya helps people find the great leaders within by accessing the natural power of their minds.  http://www.livinginaction.com.

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