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A Century of Experience

by Raymond Chang

A man, after 25 years with the same company, doing the same job in the same way and drawing the same salary, decided to approach his boss for a pay raise and promotion. While talking to his boss, he was outlining his justification for such a request. "After all," he concluded, "I've had a quarter of a century of experience." 

"My dear man," sighed the boss, "you haven't had a quarter of a century of experience, you've had one experience for a quarter of a century." 

I wonder if the same might be said of some of us... "You haven't had a quarter of a century of experience, but one experience in a quarter of a century." Too often, we are content with one experience, always looking back to a past event. We are content with a single success instead of growing and stretching ourselves.

Life isn't a moment of success. Life is defined by growth. Like the mighty oak tree, whose growth you cannot see, you may be able to define when the seed was planted or when the tree sprouted, but growth takes place almost invisibly day by day and moment by moment as we stretch and extend ourselves.

Instead of being content to live in a past experience, look for a direction in which you can stretch yourself. Only you can decide just how far you can stretch or how high you can reach.

Stretch Yourself What is an area of your business that you have allowed to become stagnant, an area in which you have been complacent with your efforts and results and those of your team? What skills have you left stagnant or undeveloped?

Take a few moments and write down at least one way you can stretch yourself today? This week? This month? This year? Then commit yourself to seize every moment as an opportunity to grow and stretch your skills and abilities! Make everyday an experience to remember!

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