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A Lesson in Letting Go and Prosperity

By Catherine Franz

Do you hear yourself saying?

When I have enough money, I'll... I can't wait to get some more vacation time, I'll... As soon as I find the right partner, I'll... When the house is clean, I'll be able to... When I can afford a better car, I'll... When this project is over, I'll... As soon as I get more clients, I'll... I can't leave work, or I'll... When my kids are grown and move out, I'll...

How much of your life do you put on hold, until...?

I hear from people all the time, it usually always stems from not having enough money. Well, guess what. You can do many things without money that has to do with money. Don't believe me? I have more success stories up my sleeve than you have time.

I am not going to jump into these stories right now, this would detour this conversation.

There are five components into prosperity and only hone of them is money. The other four are: energy (or power), love, time, and success.

What underlies all this? One thing -- our belief system. If you believe you must have money in order to do something, then you create the response, this is the only it CAN be. And you stop all the other possibilities from showing up. However, if you stop long enough and search for the truth you will usually find that it isn't 100 percent true, however, there is some truth to it. The rest is based on assumptions. Assumptions caused by other people's beliefs. When I say other people, I mean advertisers, parents, etc.

As children, we don't understand adult situations. We hear this and that and when there are gaps, we toss in whatever is available in our mind (our storage system of experiences). We get so good at it that as adults we continue the processes thinking it is normal. Until...


1. Ask new questions when these beliefs saboteur your success. This is examining that belief. When this occurs, it is important to ask these valuable questions:

(1) What is the belief? You need to name it to claim it. Many times, we don't want to own that belief -- we avoid the ownership. This denial dances around until we can no longer stay behind the way. Until it gets bad enough... we're broke, eating our loneliness away, and other destructive habits. Learn to name it, this automatically starts the change, then take it one step at a time from that point. Don't look jump the ocean. Stick your toe in the water. It's cold water and you need to get used to it a little at a time. Give it daily conscious thought. Just by doing this alone, you build the boat that will cross the ocean.

(2) Does the belief serve me any longer? Did the belief serve you when you were a teenager, and now you are 55? Adjust it for the age.

(3) Who says the belief needs to be this way? What gives them the right to say this? Are they just transferring their own belief to you? Don't be willing to accept it. Form your own. Give it some space.

(4) Who will be upset if you change this belief? The fear of losing someone, confronting someone on their beliefs is nerve wracking to most people. Do you really need to confront them on it? No. Do you need to tell them they are wrong? No. Do you need to let it go and form your own? Yes.

Take more leaps of faith!

Change your beliefs, every single one that isn't current serving you. Stop, I'll'ing...or when'ing.

It takes space to open up and invite abundance and prosperity into your life. If you life is too full with excuses, what ifs, or someday you'll, there isn't any room.

Invest in yourself today and every day of your life, not just your money.

Invest in your own energy, your personal power, your love for yourself and others, your time, and your success.

The payoff is the biggest in the world...happiness... living your life now and not later.

Be brave, not much, just a little. Take a leap of faith purposely every day for the next week. When it works, continue the process. One toe at a time.

Create the new space needed to invite abundance in. Go ahead, go in. The waters fine. Stop waiting for the eclipse marks to stop. They stop when you take the leap!

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Copyright 2004, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Catherine Franz is a marketing veteran, Certified Business Coach, Certified Teleclass Leader, Speaker and Trainer, speaker, and author. Additional articles, newsletters, and blog at: http://www.AbundanceCenter.com.

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