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Becoming More Aware
By Fran Hafey

As the world keeps spinning and many of us do too, with our busy schedules and fast lane lives, filled with growing children, business meetings, paying the bills, pursuing careers and helping the world, it's very important for us to slow down and become more aware.

I'm not saying we must drop what we're doing right now, but we do need some "sacred" time just for us, now and then. Sacred time is our time to connect with our Higher Power and our own power too.

We can become more aware by deepening our relationship with ourselves. Another words, often we need to go within and have a good talk with our higher selves. Ask some questions and really find out what it is that keeps us from noticing the world and feeling the energies around us.

I was raised in a family that didn't feel energies. We went to church and sat firmly listening to sermons and living our lives throughout the week. My parents are good people and have given their share to helping others and continue to do so.

In this, they became aware of the needs around them. What about being aware of what is truly happening within ourselves and how we affect others?

By becoming more aware, I am becoming a better listener, a better friend, a better lover, parent, sibling, teacher, mate, and more, and I never forget, I am also becoming what I came here in the first place to do, and be.

I listen to Spirit/God and all my guides and helpers. I take time to just be, listen and watch. Sometimes we are reminded that we aren't paying attention, and those reminders aren't always easy or pleasant.

Becoming aware may mean looking past our own wants for a while and help someone else. In helping others, I feel personally, that helps us to become much more aware of our senses and our psychic sense too. We open ourselves up when we help others and in doing this we may become acutely aware of our own growth and how far we have come.

If you really want to know if you're doing what you should be or growing and learning...reach out and help someone else and you'll know. Take time to notice and become more aware of sounds, beauty, color, temperatures, feelings and all living things. Just sit... do nothing else, not even think, see what you notice first and then say thank you to Spirit for the experience.

It can become difficult for us in this day and age to truly hear our own hearts and guidance when there's so much noise and negativity all around us. I choose to be where I can be me, but also allow myself to be aware when others need me too.

Take the time, to learn to be more aware, to let your spirit just feel what's going on around you and within you and you'll notice just how far you've traveled on your own Spiritual path and you will be amazed of the new doorways that will open. Doorways you never thought possible... filled with miracles and magic.

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Copyright: Mystickblue (c) January, 2004 All rights reserved.

Fran Hafey is a Spiritual Counselor, Writer, Healer, Earth Activist and Lightworker. She provides guidance and inspiration via her Website, groups and newsletter through the Internet and other Resources. To read more of her articles visit the Author's Website: http://Mystickblue.com

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