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I am So Grateful

by Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh

A life in balance, a desired effect,
Stability and composure lead to peace,
Unity, harmony, and simplicity in proportion
Make life smoother without question.

Thoughts and ideas float in our minds,
Creativity abounds, feelings combine,
A deep inner strength is gained through adversity,
Sound decisions and choices bring order to chaos.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for practicing mindfulness.

Relaxing and going with the flow,
Cherishing each ordinary moment,
Less worrying about what everyone else thinks,
Enjoying the process without being attached
to the outcome.

I AM SO GRATEFUL for concepts of healthy living.

Forming a smile relaxes hundreds of muscles,
Anger used as fuel spends energy in a positive direction,
With an open mind we learn something new every day,
And exercise is the number one remedy for staying young. 

I AM SO GRATEFUL for the powerful effects of laughter.

Acting as a tonic and lightening our mental outlook,
Hearty laughs are contagious, a joyful approach to life,
By easing pain and benefiting the immune system
Laughter gives us the boost of energy we need.

(Excerpted from "Gratitude Works, Open Your Heart to Love," by Katherine Scherer and Eileen Bodoh.

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