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Make the Most of Summer

(FeatureSource) Do you feel like the summer is already running away from you? Have you been stuck at the office without so much as a hint of a summer tan? Do you make plans to do something fun like, say, go to the beach to relax, only to find yourself “too busy” once the moment finally comes?

“Our lives often take turns almost in spite of us,” says George Bartko author of “Balance 20/20: Six Keys to a Harmonious Life” (Conari Press). “We certainly don’t feel in control. Everyone everywhere complains about not having enough time…of course you must file your taxes, make your rent or mortgage payments and go to work everyday, but then there’s the rest. Relationships, spirituality, nutrition, exercise, rest, creativity, and learning will not happen consistently unless you schedule them. Until you organize your time, it will never belong to you.”

Bartko’s solution is simple—plan out a schedule for all aspects of your life, rather than just business appointments and errands. Set aside an afternoon to go to the beach. Plan the nights you’ll be home a little early to grill out with the family. Pencil in the days and times you’ll exercise this summer. And stick to the plan.

Bartko believe that if we think ahead and physically write down our tasks, we’re less likely to blow them off.

Here are six pointers to help you find time for the things you love:
bulletMake a task list. Centralize all your sticky notes, scraps of paper, writing on hands, and phone messages into one list. No task should be without a due date. Don’t leave anything for “when I have time…” because that is, of course, never.
bulletGive a gift of time and place. The next time a gift is called for, arrange to spend time with the person instead. Give a card suggesting a specific time, place and activity.
bulletTake a day off from work to be with someone you love.
bulletPlan a party. Bring together as many important people as you can at one time to celebrate their influence in your life.
bulletTake courses or seminars from your local college. This way, you set aside time for expanding your mind.
bulletHave a disconnected day. Unplug from all technology and media.
John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.” Stay in control this summer. Use Bartko’s plan to make time for things that are truly important.

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“Balance 20/20: Six Keys to a Harmonious Life," by George Bartko, is available at bookstores everywhere or through the publisher at (800) 423-7087 or orders@redwheelweiser.com.

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