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Right and Positive Attitude

Harvard and Stanford Universities have reported that 85% the reason a person gets a job and gets ahead in that job is due to ATTITUDE; and only 15% is because of technical or specific skills. Interesting, isn't it?

You spent how much money on your education? And you spent how much money on building your positive attitude? Ouch. That hurts. 

Now here's an interesting thought. With the "RIGHT" attitude, you can and will develop the necessary skills. 

So where's your emphasis? Skill building? Attitude building? 

Unfortunately, "NEITHER" is the real answer for many people. Perhaps if more people knew how simple it is to develop and maintain a positive attitude they would invest more time doing so. So here we go.

Five steps for staying positive in a negative world:

1. Understand that failure is an event, it is not a person. Yesterday ended last night; today is a brand new day, and it's yours. You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and then you can expect to win.

2. Become a lifetime student. Learn just one new word every day and in five years you will be able to talk with just about anybody about anything. When your vocabulary improves, your I.Q. goes up 100% of the time, according to Georgetown Medical School.

3. Read something informational or inspirational every day. Reading for 20 minutes at just 240 words per minute will enable you to read 20, 200-page books each year. That's 18 more than the average person reads! What an enormous competitive advantage . . . if you'll just read for 20 minutes a day.

4. The University of Southern California reveals that you can acquire the equivalent of two years of a college education in three years just by listening to motivational and educational cassettes on the way to your job and again on the way home. What could be easier?

5. Start the day and end the day with positive input into your mind. Inspirational messages cause the brain to flood with dopamine and norepinephrine, the energizing neurotransmitters; with endorphins, the endurance neurotransmitters; and with serotonin, the feel-good about-yourself neurotransmitter. Begin and end the day by reading or doing something positive!

Remember: Success is a process, not an event. Invest the time in building a positive attitude. It will pay off well in your skills as well as your career. 

Developing a positive attitude adds to our quality of life and spills over onto our meetings with others, by enhancing their lives as well.

Do we drink from a glass half full or half empty? We do have a choice. Gratitude is a wonderful habit to get into. And it's free!

Gratitude brings joy, peace, creativity, love & laughter to my life. Appreciation shown me by others, especially for the little things, gives my heart wings. It helps me to live with love in my heart rather than fear and anger.


by Samuel C

Today I accept Lifeís sacred processes. 
I validate and respect the sacred processes of Life. 
I am health conscious about my emotional well-being, nutritional intake and physical fitness. 

Life presents me with painful moments. The physical or mental pains of realities are constantly contributing toward my learning and growing experiences. I accept with humility and open-mindedness Lifeís challenges and all its consequences courageously and fearlessly. 

My health, attitude and learning capacity are improving and will continue to get better and better. I trust and embrace these processes of Life. I surrender to those moments. 

Today I am one with the moment. I am grateful, worthy and a precious Human Being. I know and love me; I am a vital part of Creation. I am honest and sincere and have self -respect. I listen to my feelings. Whenever I feel that I am losing it, I will pause and stop whatever I am doing and take a time-out to clear my mind and find my sacred space, my center. 

I am kind and gentle towards me. I listen to others because they too are an important part of my Process. 

Everyday I do the best I can, always growing in wisdom and in love. I set healthy boundaries and I respect the boundaries that others set. 

Today I am validating divinity and celebrating the gifts within me and others. I am being receptive to the needs of my loved ones, community and friends. I am free of animosity or resentment. 

I am responsible for my own attitudes, opinions and behavior. The attitudes, opinions and behavior of others are their responsibilities. I am accountable only for my own actions and no one elseís. 

My behavior may be appropriate or inappropriate. But that does not make me a good or bad person. My emotional well-being depends primarily on how I love and care for me. 

My degree of personal well-being or my degree of suffering depends upon my own attitudes. No one has the power over my feelings, behavior or emotionally well- being unless I give him/her the power.

I welcome a new way of life to grow and be nurtured within me. I am patient and serene for I have the rest of my life to grow. 

I deserve to be treated with consideration and respect.

It is o.k. to make mistakes. It only proves that I am human and thatís o.k. . Once I make amends and reconciled with life and my fellow human beings, I am totally free of guilt feelings and remorse. 

I am the solution to all my problems. I am an emotionally complete and whole human being; I am enough. 

I deserve the right to be here and enjoy the fruits of life and the blessings of Creation. 

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