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Take Care of Yourself and Be Your Own Expert

by David Roddis

We give up paying attention to the practical needs of our body, mind and spirit because we think itís all too difficult and complicated. And in some ways it is, because thatís the way itís presented to us.

After all, who are we to second-guess all those scientists and experts with all those letters after their names? Every day thereís a new report, a new article, a new fad; something else we have to factor in thatís bad for us, good for us, or on the undecided list.

So we give up, go on the same way, and try to muddle through. We treat ourselves the same way we treat the planet Ė as though weíre inexhaustible sources of energy Ė and hope for the best.


If we lose our way and become passive about taking care of ourselves, simply accepting whatís offered, we give up responsibility for our well-being.

Recognize any of these?

  1. Youíre tired, stressed, undernourished and over stimulated. You run on empty. You stay up late watching TV, or over-working, and never get enough sleep. Sometimes you doze off for a second or two at the office. Or once while driving Ė now THAT terrified you. You canít remember the last time you woke up refreshed. Youíre sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  2. You take no time to rest and recuperate. Itís been weeks, or even months, since you took a vacation Ė or a day off. A day! Thatís a laugh. How about an afternoon? You used to love reading, or listening to music, or playing baseball with your kids. Now all you do is work, work, work. Too bad itís a job you just kind of ended up doing. What happened to what YOU wanted for your life?
  3. Lunch is basically an object you shove into your face while working at your desk. When youíre finished, your stomach hurts, but you ignore it. You overeat, then go on crash diets. This week itís carbs, last week it was fat. Next week? Who knows, who cares. Youíre hopeful for a few days, then you feel deprived. Back to square one.
  4. You medicate yourself with drugs, downers and stimulants. You smoke cigarettes. You indulge in too much coffee, alcohol, soft drinks. By noon, youíre bouncing off the walls. If you have to walk upstairs, youíre out of breath. And you wonder why you fly off the handle when thereís a crisis?
  5. You drive everywhere, and think of exercise exclusively in terms of a special activity that you schedule for intense periods, like going to a gym or joining a weight-lifting club Ė so, of course, you never go, you never join, you never do anything. 

If youíre stretched to the limit and have no reserves of energy and health, you are less able to cope with the natural stresses of your day. You lose your sense of perspective and mental balance.

When you actively and sensibly take care of your mind, body and spirit, you come from a perspective of 100% full responsibility for your life. When you begin to take care of yourself, your life will be full of more energy, improved strength; youíll be closer to your ideal weight. Youíll have improved confidence, self-respect and other-respect. Youíll sleep better; have less stress, guilt and worry.

And remember, you donít need to make drastic, sudden Ė dramatic Ė lifestyle changes. Small ones that you can cope with are perfect. You make these small changes by using common sense to figure out what your body, mind and spirit need. You listen to yourself.

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David Roddis, CAC is the author of Drama Clean: Eight First Steps to 100% Drama Clean Relationships. If you want your life to reflect the authentic self-confidence of someone with well-defined boundaries, visit www.DramaClean.com

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