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A Thanksgiving Idea for Singles

By Jeanine Byers

One Thanksgiving when I was in my twenties, a group of friends I knew from church decided to plan a get-together for all of us who were going to be unable to go home to our families. That day, spent with them, was SO wonderful, that it is one of my fondest memories! And I only knew a few of the ten or so who were there when the day began. What follows is how you can create the same kind of magical holiday experience...

(1) Plan at least two weeks in advance, if possible. That will help to alleviate the anxiety some people feel as the holiday approaches, and they don't have plans. It also gives you plenty of time to coordinate who will bring what.

Make sure that people are bringing something they are comfortable with so that doesn't become a source of anxiety, as well. For years, I brought apple pie and sodas.

(2) If the group is composed of people who don't know each other very well, take a few minutes before the meal begins for introductions. One idea is to have everyone share not just what they do but why they chose their careers, and what they are grateful for this year.

(3) Have everyone bring their favorite game to play in between grazing experiences. As each new game is introduced, have the person share what makes it a favorite.

(4) To foster connection, avoid watching TV, unless everyone decides to watch a rented movie and talk about it afterwards.

(5) This would be a great time to identify who will be alone at Christmas and begin planning a get-together for that day. You could even have everyone draw names for a gift exchange. 

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Jeanine Byers is a certified healing coach who helps women discover and nurture their soul purpose and life mission. She  offers free "3 Days of Transformation" sessions to remove the blocks and resolve the issues that keep you from creating the life you really want! Visit her website at http://pages.ivillage.com/healingjourney.

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