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The Work of the Heart

For several years I have saved a touching piece written by teacher, Beth Nelson. She reminds us of the satisfaction gained by doing the "work of our hearts."

The Work of the Heart
By Beth Nelson

Let me give children the healing knowledge
That there is a better way, a more beautiful way
To live each day of their lives.
A physician I am not, but healing is part of my profession.

Let me give some child hope for eternity,
Peace in this life, confidence in what will come.
I am not a member of the clergy, but faith is part of my profession.

Let me give children a feeling of justice,
A sensitivity for right and wrong;
A love of truth and abhorrence of evil.
A legal advisor I am not, but justice is part of my profession.

Let me bring children relief from pain of disappointment and disillusionment;
A remedy for dissolving personality;
An escape from the ravages of self-pity;
A psychologist I am not, but the healthy mind is part of my profession.

Let me give children a balance between an appreciation of their cultural heritage,
And an enthusiastic participation in the human family,
And anticipation for the world of tomorrow.
For I am a teacher.

To some, teaching may be a job; to others, a means to a greater end. One person may think he merely lays bricks; another understands that he is helping to build a hospital. Who among us cannot find a higher purpose in our work?

Michael Bridge beautifully says, "When our eyes see our hands doing
the work of our hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us,
the doors of our souls fly open, and love steps forth to heal everything in sight."

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