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Too Late?

by Rosalyn Bronstein

Why is it that we tend to value relationships more once they've ended? Is it simply human nature to take for granted the smile of someone close, the friendship of a relative, the concern of a neighbor? In the moment, we think that these people will be around forever.

Most of us never stop to imagine all those who have a profound impact on our lives. It's so easy to justify this casual attitude by saying we are too busy, too tired, too involved with work, too concerned about money, and the list of excuses goes on and on. So enjoying a friendship may be put off for one day, and then another. Before long, feelings have faded, and there is less incentive to get together. Almost relegated to a chore now, precious moments become something to endure.

Usually, something dramatic must happen to change this apathy and pull one out of a rut. Perhaps it's something shocking, like a death, a divorce, sudden illness, an accident -- something stunning to force taking notice. Then comes the guilt, the re-assessment of feelings, the sadness of loss. And the worst of all -- knowing how unnecessary and perhaps preventable the situation could have been.

We long to have those precious moments once again, to share and express our feelings. Instead of waiting for an excuse, why not get out of the rut, take the initiative, and spend quality time with the people you value. Let them know how really important they are.

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Rosalyn Bronstein, for more than 20 years an author and consultant, has been an advisor to numerous multinational corporations and international organizations. Understanding the value of maintaining relationships, www.ntouchnrat.com was created. It's a unique and secure way to never lose touch again with the people who have brought meaning to you life without having to use e-mail.

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