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Valentine's Day Craft Fun

(FeatureSource) - If you're planning to host a Valentine's Day party for kids, either in the classroom or at home, Penny Warner, author of "The Kids' Pick-a-Party Book" (Meadowbrook Press) has some Valentine crafts the kids can create to make the holiday even more special.

Heart Mobile: 

Fill the room with fluttering hearts! Cut out lots of hearts from red, pink, purple, blue and white construction paper, in all different sizes. Lay out a three-foot length of red ribbon on the table for each child. Have the kids select several hearts and glue them to the ribbon, a few inches apart. Turn the ribbon over and glue hearts to the other side, matching the first ones, so the hearts have fronts and backs. Allow to dry, then hang the fluttering Heart Mobiles from the ceiling!

Heart Pin: 

Wear your heart on your chest instead of your sleeve! Make up a batch of Baker's Clay by combining 4 cups flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 3/4 cups water. Stir, tint the dough red or pink if you like, then knead with your hands until well mixed. Roll dough flat and let the kids cut it into heart shapes, using cookie cutters or a cardboard pattern and knife. Insert a safety pin in the back of the heart, then bake at 250 degrees until firm, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Allow to cool, detail with permanent felt-tip pens, then wear your Heart Pins - or give them to a loved one!

I Love You Coupons: 

Here's a great gift the kids can make for their parents, siblings, best friends, or any special someone! Cut out hearts from construction paper, 6-8 for each child. Have the kids write promises to their special someones on each heart, such as "Good for one back rub," "Good for one batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies," "Good for one poem written by me to you." Place the hearts in an envelope and present them to loved ones on Valentine's Day.

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