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Who Killed Jesus
by Billy Dickson

On Ash Wednesday Feb. 25 Mel Gibson's movie on Passion of Christ came out.

My church is hoping to use the movie as an evangelism tool. You might want encourage your church to do the same. I know some are afraid the movie is going blame Jews for the death of Christ and I know some non Catholics are afraid the movie will push Catholic doctrine. I understand the questions some have but from what I have heard from those I respect there is no need to worry. Yes, Mel Gibson is a Catholic so my guess is his doctrine is Catholic. However God will use different things to bring others into His Kingdom.

No church saves anyone or keeps anyone from being saved if God's spirit is working in their heart. Too often followers of Christ will curse the darkness instead of lighting a candle and being a light in this sinful world.

Some just need to hear Christ died for them and they will say yes to Jesus. Others need something else. My friend Cal Thomas has said grown men have cried at seeing this movie. Instead of being concern about this movie's doctrine lets not forget the key is Jesus died for everyone and rose from the dead so that all by faith can yield their hearts and lives to Jesus. These people have endorse the movie Cal Thomas, Chuck Colson, Billy Graham, Greg Laurie, James Dobson, Michael Medved, Rabbi Daniel Lapin just to name some. Far as the movie blaming Jews. It is understandable that Jews would get concern because things have been used in the name of Jesus or Christianity to hurt Jews.

Hitler did that but just because something is Christian in name does not mean it is God's will or Christian in fact.

The movie is true according to the teachings of the Bible.

Who killed Jesus? You and I did. Jews, Christians, and every person who has been born or will be born.

Some Jews have written in support of this movie such as Michael Medved, and Rabbi Daniel Lapin. Some Jews did have a part in killing Jesus just like some white people owned slaves. To report something does not mean we are blaming all Jews for killing Christ and saying all whites owned salves in the South. The question this movie will bring souls face to face with is who killed Jesus. I did and you did.

Mel Gibson even will use one of his hands to nail Jesus to the cross.

Go to the movie and take a non believer with you.

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Billy Dickson is a youth worker and writer. He writes about issues to do with our culture as he sees what is taking place in the Christian and secular world. In all that he writes his goal is to be a MAD Person. MAD=Make-A-Difference.

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