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A Random Moment

by Mercy Abraham

Random thoughts crowds my mind
At the twilight hour, in this moment sublime
Dreams or visions about you come to me
Crystal clear, at this time when I am at
The brim of slumber and wakefulness

I can hear your voice calling me
Across the fathoms above as I listen
Shutting out all light and sounds around
Why do you hide away, across the time
That separate us now and forever more

While your voice haunts me down here
How I wish I can catch your glimpse
As I rush past across the streets
Where unknown faces glare at me
With you beside me I could have escaped

From these strange faces, but you are gone
Leaving me alone, in the streets of my life.

A strange calm pervades my mind
Thinking about you, close beside me
Making fun and frolic as before
But it is a transient phase

Your love engulfs me in this ocean strange
where waves of trials and tribulations
Try to crush my life strange

I escape on your strong hands
Across to the far off land, 
Where everything is beautiful and light...

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Editor's Note:

Dr. Mercy Abraham MD is a physician currently serving in the middle east. Two years ago, Mercy lost her son in a car accident. She had been finding support and strength from God and her many friends. Here she shares with us about "Random Moments with her son."

On a personal note, Mercy is the Medical School class mate of the co-founder and Medical Director of Holisticonline.com Dr. Shila Mathew, MD.


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