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A Leaf From The Journey of Life

by C Devidasan

The road was full of pot holes and the entire bus journey through out the night was quite tedious and uncomfortable. As we reached Mainpuri in the interior of UP at the day break, out of nowhere came a thunderstorm. Neither were we carrying an umbrella nor the cycle rickshaw we were traveling had a canopy above. Fully drenched we stood shivering in the cool winter morning in front of the Convent gate that was secured with a huge pad lock from within. The dogs barked from within the boundary walls and in twilight the huge oak trees looked like unearthly beings.

Right from beginning I was not in favor of this trip. Going all the way from New Delhi just to take care of 50 computer systems in a small school lab did not make much commercial sense. But my friend insisted that it is important that we visited them. The rain did not seem to stop and I was aware of the water trickling inside through my undergarment. As I was standing in the gushing streams of muddy water without actually knowing what should be our next course of action, I saw the lights being switched on in side the portico and the silhouette of some one moving out. The click of the pad lock was quite reassuring and the huge gates opened slowly. In her dark brown cassock there stood in the rain Sister Jotsna, whom I had never met earlier, with a bright smile on her face as if she has known me for ages!

Inside the room, we changed into dry cloths, and to tell you friends, the Appam and the hot beef curry served to us by sister Jotsna tasted better than ‘Amrit’ (heavenly food).

The new day brought fresh hopes and the rising sun smiled at us from behind the huge oak trees. As we were crossing the paddy fields to reach the school run by sister Jotsna and other nuns, she told me about her agony of fighting the goons and anti social elements who ruled Mainpuri, during the initial days. She also told me about the fear and uncertainty every night brought to them when all they had was a half finished building and a cloth screen to cover the entrance in place of the door.

Soon we finished the work and I decided to take a walk in the campus. The building was not very modern but it was complete in all respect. Looking at the facility, I soon realized not only of the quantum of work that had gone into making what it is today; but the spirit of dreams and dedication of the sisters to converting that dream a reality.

As the day progressed, like an uninvited guest, evening walked in and it was time to part. Sister Jotsna walked with us towards the convent jeep she had arranged for us to be dropped at the bus stand. While parting she said;

“Mr. Devidasan, our school is far away from Delhi. Even though we are not an important client of yours, please come back again”

I felt a lump in my throat; but still I said, “Sister Jotsna, you are correct; you are NOT an important client to us; you are a very valuable client of ours. We would be back.”

As the jeep took a turn, through the rear view mirror I saw the smile on Sister Jotsna’s face and I felt that I have indeed known her for ages.

C Devidasan

Copied from the Mainpuri School Notice Board.

Ten Most Important Things.

Love: The special feeling that makes you all warm and wonderful.

Respect: Treating others as well as you would like be treated by others.

Appreciation: To be grateful for all good things that life has to offer.

Happiness: The full enjoyment of each moment, a smiling face.

Forgiveness: The ability to let things be without anger.

Sharing: The joy of giving without any thoughts of receiving.

Honesty: The quality of always telling the truth.

Integrity: The purity of doing what is right no matter what.

Compassion: The essence of feeling others pain while easing their heart.

Peace: The rewards for living the ten most important things.

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