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A Special Tribute to all Moms!

by Rev. Fr. Alexander J. Kurien, Washington, D.C.

Do not forget your Moms.

A Mother is one of the surviving words from Anglo-Saxon (starting as modor), which are among the most fundamental words in English.

Mother has many cognates in other languages, including Old High German muoter, Dutch moeder, Old Norse mothir, Latin mater, Greek meter, and Sanskrit mat. These words share an Indo-European root.

Mother is one of the Anglo-Saxon nouns that has an Anglo-Saxon adjective as well as a Latinate adjective — motherly and maternal — and motherly also came from Old English (modorlic).

Mom, a shortened form of momma, was recorded in 1894; momma was first used in 1884. Both are chiefly North American uses.

Mamma and mama, created by children reduplicating an instinctive sound, are much earlier terms Ð showing up in the 1500s. In between came mommy (also North American in usage) in 1848, which was a variant of mammy (also 1500s).

A Special Tribute To All Moms

Moms are special people!

Moms get up in the middle of the night to scare off monsters. Moms get up in the middle of the night to tend to a sick child. Moms may want something for themselves, but they always put their children's needs first.

Moms give unconditional love even when their children mess up. Moms take their children here, there, and everywhere even when they would rather take a long bubble bath.

Moms have amazing patience even when their four-year-old whines all day.

Moms get excited over a special gift of a dandelion.

Moms take care of everyone when they are sick, even if the Mom is sick herself.

Moms have a way of making a child feel better even if the whole world seems to be against them.

Happy Mother's Day! We hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day because you deserve it.

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