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Acceptance is the Spiritual Key to Non-Judgment

 by: Richard Blackstone

The paradigm of love, unity and oneness teaches us to neither judge nor condemn because there is no “right or wrong.” There only is “what is.” It is in our judgments that the concepts of “right or wrong” become so real to us. Now think of this. What if we viewed the people and events in our lives the way that the God of unconditional love does?

This God views our lives with total acceptance. This God understands that you are at free will to choose any experience that you desire. That is your mission. To choose experiences here in the relative world so that God may know herself through us and experience all that she knows conceptually from the absolute world.

We are God, Goding so that in, as, and through us we are collaborators in God's experiences. As such, everything we do and every person we meet fulfills our mission and we accomplish this by being the creators of our experience through our free will.

We have created or co-created every person and event that shows up in our lives. When you are awake you are aware of this. When you are sleepwalking you are unaware of this.

From the macro-perspective, from God's perspective, it is easier to see how it makes no sense to judge the people and events that show up in our lives. They are merely people and events that we have drawn to us through our creation of our life.

The tool that is necessary to view these people and events to see if they serve us is the tool of acceptance.

Acceptance allows us to view our creations in their full light. We are not filtering the light of our creations with labels and limitations. We don't limit our perspectives by judging what shows up. We allow maximum exposure so that we can observe our creation and see if it serves us or not.

If we observe that it does not serve us we do not condemn it. We accept it and bless it and then choose another experience and create that. In this way we do not slow down our evolution. We allow ourselves to evolve at a faster pace because we are responsible for our creations. We don't disown them or condemn them through judgment. That would be irresponsible.

Can you begin to see how, by using the tool of acceptance, you can start to eliminate the value judgments of “right and wrong” from the people and events that show up in your life? By accepting what shows up in your life you are merely acknowledging what is. This person or that event showed up in your life. That's what is. It's not “right or wrong” or “good or bad” in and of itself. It's just what is at that point in your life.

If you are awake and aware you understand this and are able to look at what is and see how it can serve you. That is, you get to put the meaning to whatever it is that showed up in you life. Sleepwalkers always add labels like right, wrong, good, or bad.

The person walking in awareness understands these labels inhibit the ability of whatever shows up to serve us. Instead they use the tool of acceptance to allow them to view what is without labels or judgments and put whatever meaning to it that would best serve their purpose for creating it in the first place.

You need to understand that we get to put the meaning to any person or event that shows up in our lives. When we judge, we restrict our ability to make what is meaningful (full of meaning).

When we accept “what is” without judgment we are able to assign a meaning to “what is” that is beneficial to our overall goals. It is totally up to you to assign whatever “what is” means to you. If you are consciously aware you will more that likely use whatever shows up to help you in your evolvement.

If you are sleepwalking you will more than likely judge and condemn whatever shows up and, in effect, slow down your evolution. Once again, the choice is yours. If we observe the two concepts it appears that judging what shows up in our lives does not serve us, while accepting what shows up in our lives does serve us.

Judging is a concept that is based in the fear-based paradigm of separation. Acceptance is a concept that is based in the love-based paradigm of oneness. I don't need to tell you because you already know this, don't you?

In this love-based paradigm of oneness we accept and bless all the people and events that show up in our lives as different aspects of our individual and joint creations. This sounds great and on an esoteric level it is doable. It is also doable on the physical level that we live in.

All you need do is consciously change your perspective of life from fear to love.

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About the Author:

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; "The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at:

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