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The DNA of Success

by By Earl Mann

Today weíre going to talk about DNA: that thing that makes you who you are, that thing that makes you who you can become, that thing that is coded into your essence and determines what your capacity is, what your limits are! Your DNA is your "Decisions and Actions." Thatís what determines who you are!

If you do enough research and listen to enough scientists on human potential, they will tell you that you are precisely where you are in life because of the decisions and actions that youíve taken up to this point. Understanding this is critical to going forward with success. If you are today the result of all the decisions and actions up to this point, then who you are tomorrow will be the result of all the decisions and actions you take between now and then. So, understanding that, getting your hands and mind around this DNA, is the key. Every decision you make, every action you take is either in support of or in opposition to your achievement of whatever you have determined as your own individual success.

But understand this: if you have the winnerís DNA, everything changes. Everything changes. You look out into the world and you see allies instead of enemies. You see keys instead of locks. You see solutions instead of obstacles. Getting your mind around these ďDecisions and ActionsĒ makes your path to your individual goals that much clearer. People with the winning DNA donít request that the path to their success be easy. They donít even request that it be fair. They just request that it be Worth It because if they know that itís worth it, then they can do whatever is necessary to achieve it. All that is necessary, the only thing that is necessary, is that you understand that the only thing between you now and you where you want to be is all the Decisions and Actions that you can squeeze in between.

Give yourself a DNA test. Ask yourself, "What are the decisions I am making and what are the actions I am taking? Why am I making those decisions? Why am I taking those actions? Where are those decisions taking me? Where are those actions leading me? Are they taking me to a place that is worth it?" If they are, then we will all see you when you arrive; because there is nothing on this planet that can stop you.

Decide. Act. And Expect a great day!

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