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Are You Ready to Create a Wow?

by By Marnie Pehrson

Do you have a desire to make a difference in the world? To make a big splash, to create or do something that makes people go "WOW!" Some people call it leaving a legacy; others just have a compulsive need to leave their mark on the world.

I'm fascinated by people who do extraordinary things, and I inexplicably crave to be one of them. I love getting to know remarkable people, finding out about their beliefs, and learning what enables them to do what they do.

Getting to know people is at the root of learning for me. For example, I grew up taking piano lessons from the time I was five. My teacher had me playing music from all the great composers - Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Chopin. I was bored out of my mind! I wanted to play music by the Commodores or REO Speedwagon. Not until I took music in college and learned about the lives of the composers did I come to truly appreciate classical music. Getting to know the person behind the music made all the difference. By the time I completed that class I could easily link any piece of music with the appropriate composer.

This past week I had a major epiphany - something that helped me realize why I've succeeded in the things I have, and why I've failed at others. The defining element is that before everything I've done that was a success, there was someone who came into my life who showed me the way. There was the friend who taught me how to design Web sites, the friend who introduced me to my book distributor, and the friend who taught me to polish my writing so I could get published. Even making the Barnes and Noble Best Seller List only happened because a friend who had done it herself showed me the way. More importantly, because she had done it, I believed I could do it too.

Anything we strive for in life, we must believe we can achieve. Until we believe it and expect it - as we expect the sun to rise tomorrow morning - it probably won't happen. This is why many people who have created a "wow" don't even feel like they've done anything remarkable. They believed it was possible and expected it for so long that it was just a natural "next step" for them.

For me, interacting with someone who has done what I want to do is pivotal. Evidently, I learn by example. Whether it's programming, writing, or anything else, I achieve at greater speed if I have someone to model.

That's why I've created a new Web site that is all about modeling the "wow creators." Through this site, I will interview and spotlight individuals who have done great things. My hope is to learn from them and allow site visitors to do so as well. I've put a nominate option on the site where you can nominate someone you think has done something remarkable and is worthy of recognition. If accepted, that person will be spotlighted both on CreateAWow.com and high-traffic IdeaMarketers.com

I also have a place for you to suggest the type of person from whom you would like to learn. Maybe you have an invention you'd like to patent and want to see an interview with a person who's done that. Maybe you want to be a New York Times Best Selling author like I do. What's your dream? Stop by www.CreateAWow.com and share it with me. Be sure to visit the CreateAWow blog and join me as I document this process of learning from the greats!

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Marnie Pehrson is the creator of www.IdeaMarketers.com, www.SheLovesGod.com, and www.BelieversAtWork.com and more. She is the author of inspirational books like Lord, Are You Sure? and historical fiction such as the best seller Angel and the Enemy. For more information on her projects, visit http://www.pwgroup.com

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