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Random Acts of Kindness

Children’s Wish Foundation International Promotes National “Random Acts of Kindness” Program as Special Valentines for Terminally Ill Children and Their Families
Organization Invites Nation to Participate

Atlanta, GA, February 14, 2007—A 13-year-old girl, who has endured parental neglect, homelessness, severe bouts of asthma and now life-threatening cancer, is showered with love by a small town that has “adopted” her. Employees of a major department store offer the families of four terminally ill children free passes to the movies. A season ticket holder donates major league baseball tickets to a family he’s never met and will never meet. A child in that family has a terminal illness.

These are all acts of love and kindness by people who want to show the families of seriously ill children that they care. None of the donors know the families personally, nor have they asked for anything in return for their generosity. They understand the financial and emotional stress endured by families with sick children.

“In some families, parents have to give up their jobs to care for a sick child,” says Crystal Savino, Enrichment Programs Representative and head of the Family Focus program at Children’s Wish Foundation International. “That is especially hard in a single-parent family. Constant trips to the doctor, lengthy hospital stays, and expensive medications all take their toll on these families. We try to help them in every way we can.”

In addition to fulfilling the favorite wish of seriously ill children, Children’s Wish Foundation International sponsors Family Focus as a way of providing continued support for families after a child’s wish has been fulfilled. Hospital staff play an important role in this program, often notifying the Foundation when a wish child or family may need additional encouragement during a particularly trying time. Activities in this program involve “Family Focus Weekends,” the donation of tickets to events, and family restaurant nights.

“These activities help break the harsh routine these families go through constantly,” says Ms. Savino. “And the experience is made even more special because they know that someone else cares enough to give up their theater or game tickets to benefit complete strangers. We encourage everyone to do something special for someone else, especially our wish families. Let this Valentines Day be their first random act of kindness.”

Here are several things you can do, starting this Valentines Day:

bulletLearn about the needs of seriously ill children and then share that information with others.
bulletAsk your community leaders or educators if they know of any critically ill children in your area who need help.
bulletContact Children’s Wish Foundation International about ways you can help a wish child or wish family.
bulletContact the Foundation about ways you can volunteer.
bulletTell children about the importance of volunteering and helping others.
bulletNotify your company or other businesses in your area about the seriously and terminally ill children served by Children’s Wish Foundation International and how to contact the Foundation.

For more information, contact Children’s Wish Foundation International,  or call (800) 323-WISH.

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