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Someone Had A Dream

by Ralph Marston

The car you drive was designed and built because someone had a dream. The highway on which you travel is there because someone had a dream. The telephone you talk on and the worldwide network to which it is connected, was constructed because someone had a dream.

Achievement begins with a dream. Yet there are many, many dreams which wither and die without ever coming to pass. We will never know the benefits which they could have brought. Great accomplishments come about not only because someone dreamed of them, but also because someone believed in the dream enough to walk the long, hard road of making that dream a reality.

It takes a dream. And then it takes more than a dream. What is yours? And what are you doing about it?

Stop and think for a moment about all the great things that have ever been achieved. Someone had a dream. Someone just like you. The world is filled with possibilities today. Take your pick, and then make it happen.

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