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Who Would have thought that a thought could be so powerful!

by Richard MacKenzie

Think about thoughts for a minute! They deserve your attention as they are so power that they could help you with anything, from smashing your goals to even ending your life. Everything starts with a thought.

So, stop for a second and listen to what you are thinking. Take the time to find out what you are telling yourself about the world around you. Do you just allow yourself to think anything or do you have control and choose what you are thinking? Are you in control? Damn right you are!

Whatever happens in your mind (however positive or negative) is your own creation. Don't believe me? Well that's fine but remember that you 'chose' not to believe me.

Something important to understand about thoughts is that they grow with attention. Just like that annoying guy that hangs around the water cooler. The more attention you give him the more annoying he will become. Sorry, 'Annoying Water Cooler Guy', but it had to be said!

Remember a time that you were working on a project that you enjoyed. Over time as you focused on it you became so motivated that you almost became obsessed with it you found it hard to think of anything else. In the end you ate, slept and drank the project, until you had completed it.

The same thing happens to those little negative thoughts that we have. Before long we can use the same process to create one heck of an ugly situation. Some professionals (including me) believe that this is how depression can start.

So be careful what you 'choose' to think.

Try this;

Every hour for the rest of the day I want you to remind yourself to change what you are thinking about. If negative thoughts come into your mind banish them, instead of entertaining them. When you entertain even the tiniest of negative thoughts you allow them to to grow. This will be hard, but worth it. Its a real exercise that will certainly get your mind in great shape.

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