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1 Simple Key To Happiness
By Gordon Bryan

Who is the happiest person you know? Not the happiest person you know *of*, but the happiest person you actually *know*?

Maybe someone you work with…? Maybe a friend…? Maybe a member of your family…? Maybe the hot dog seller on the corner…?

Do they enjoy what they do? Now, obviously I can't know who you're thinking of, but I *can* tell you whether or not they enjoy what they do. (Ok, here's a clue, the answer begins with `Y' and ends with `es').


They enjoy what they do, they do it for a reason, it is either on a path towards a goal, or it was the goal and they worked hard for it.

Maybe the hot dog seller used to be a high flyer in the world of finance, but could no longer stomach the stress and the power politics. Maybe now he's his own boss, and instead of spending every weekend flapping over computer reports, he spends them fishing in the country.

They enjoy the present and plan for tomorrow.

You could pay me a hundred grand to write a newsletter about widgets, but I wouldn't enjoy it. I'd get stressed, maybe even an ulcer, who knows? Leave it to the widget lovers.

But my newsletter about self-improvement, goal achievement and wealth creation? I LOVE writing it!

I love the fact that I can work for myself, helping others to make their lives more free and powerful. It doesn't earn me a hundred grand, but that isn't the point here – or more accurately, it's precisely the point!

It makes me happy!

In fact, probably the happiest time of my life was when I was earning the least, as a newcomer in the entertainment industry, where the money would certainly be described as `poor'!

Something had clicked inside me though, and I knew I was following my passion. I felt like I was enjoying the deep end, rather than just paddling at the shallow end of life's pool.

So there we are! Don't do what you do just for money. Whatever the elusive `meaning of life' may be, it surely isn't that!

1 simple key to happiness? Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do!

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Copyright Gordon Bryan 2003 

Gordon Bryan's new book, 'Transform Your Life in 21 Days! has been described as 'a must read', 'awesome', and 'a true gem'. If you liked this article, see the book for yourself at: http://www.transformyourlifenow.com

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