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10 Tips to Rev Up Your Energy & Feel Great
by Beth Tabak

Recently I found myself off track feeling over committed and drained. Here are the steps that help me get back on track every time.

Step 1- Monitor the Symptoms and Determine the Solution- Notice when you are feeling drained. Listen to what your body is telling you and make the necessary adjustments. What is causing you to feel drained? What is the solution?

Step 2- Honor Your Body with Healthy Intake and Plenty of Sleep- Let’s face it eating healthy is a challenge for most of us. How about shifting your thinking to what you can do. What healthy food or drinks can you add to your day that would give you more energy? In addition, you will be more productive if you get the best rest for your mind and body.

Step 3- Exercise- This is another challenging area. Again shift your attitude to what you can do. What activity would you enjoy? Commit a small block of time in order to develop a daily habit. Start with15 minutes per day if that's what it takes to help you develop a consistent long term healthy lifestyle.

Step 4- Drink Lots of Water- There are so many health benefits to drinking water in addition to gaining energy. Some say drink 8 glasses of water a day while others say half your body weight in ounces of water. In any event, keeping your body hydrated is a simple step towards keeping you feeling great.

Step 5- Eliminate Clutter- Recently I helped a friend declutter. It was amazing to see the immediate increase in her energy level. Discover how you look at a project. Do you look at a task and think how hard it will be or do you picture the end result? Imagine the end result. Now what can you do to make it easier and fun? You can declutter for 15 minutes a day, set the timer and have a race, turn on some upbeat music, get a bag and throw out 25 items. Be creative. What small area can you declutter that would make the biggest difference in how you feel?

Step 6- Handle Aggravations- Procrastination drains energy. Make the repair, file your taxes, have that talk with your mate or in-law or boss or whoever, take drastic measures to have finances not be an issue. Often the thing we procrastinate on turns out much better than we anticipated. Eliminate one at a time.

Step 7- Under Commit- Know your top priorities. If an offer arises give yourself 24+ hours. Does it fit into your priorities right now? Is there time in your schedule to add the commitment? Remember, when you add a commitment you take away from another area of your life. How will that effect you and your family? Weigh your options. Under commit and have reserves of space and energy to enjoy life.

Step 8- Add Fun to Your Life Regularly- What can you schedule for yourself that would put the biggest smile on your face? What do you love to do? What time can you commit to one of your dreams? Add that to your life and zestfully zip your way through the day.

Step 9- Take Time for Spiritual Development- Spiritual development on a daily basis helps you become centered and clear throughout each day, and lifts the weight of burden off your shoulders. Without taking time to grow spiritually you can get lost in the day-to-day tasks of linear thinking which is exhausting. Spiritual growth brings the ultimate fulfillment. Begin with a small block of time and build on that.

Step 10- Accept Your Life as it is with Gratitude- Take responsibility for your life. It can be invigorating. Suddenly you have choices. Taking responsibility for your past and current situation gives you the power to shape your future.

Jump into building your energy and feeling great... Starting Now!

Copyright 2003, Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.

Beth Tabak is a Business & Life Coach and owner of Starting Now. She coaches busy business people to achieve more with less stress and struggle. Contact Beth to set up a free “Try It Out” session to see what coaching can do for you. http://www.startingnowcoaching.com

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