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Be Creative with Your Holiday Wrapping
By FeatureSource Staff

(FeatureSource) – Why give presents wrapped in boring paper when the kids can help you decorate gifts in fantastic new ways?! Try some of these ideas from Cynthia MacGregor’s book, “Mommy’s Little Helper Christmas Crafts” (Meadowbrook Press).
bulletUse a glitter pen, or glue and glitter, to write the recipient’s name on a gift box, as well as designs and decorations.
bulletCut out an assortment of winter or holiday-themes pictures from magazines. Glue the pictures all over a gift box, overlapping them collage-style.
bulletTie a ribbon around a package. Tie a handful of lollipops together to make a bouquet and tie the bunch of lollipops close to the knot of the ribbon on the package.
bulletInstead of writing names on gift tags, find photos of the givers and recipients. Cut out the faces from the photo and glue to the package by the words “to” and “from.”
bulletMake a 3-D Santa by cutting a circle out of pink paper for his face and a triangle out of red paper for his hat. Glue the triangle to the circle. Draw Santa’s face with markers. Glue cotton balls to the base of the hat and around his face for a beard. Glue your Santa to the package.
bulletFind several lightweight trinkets, like a plastic whistle, hair barrette, jingle bell, holiday charm, and so on. Thread a thin ribbon through each trinket. Tie a ribbon around the gift and tie each trinket to the ribbon.

"Mommy's Little Helper Christmas Crafts" allows children ages three to seven to deck the halls with 40 crafts they can make themselves (with a little help from mom). It can be found in bookstores everywhere.

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